AARP Members Getting Great Travel Discounts

Take The Grandkids Somewhere Special!

I’ve personally been a granddad for three and a half years now, it changes you a bit kind of like becoming a parent for the first time. You hear at occasionally being a grand parent is nice because you get to give them back. Never felt that way, I want to keep him forever. The membership. It’s only $12 to join for the first year then $16 every year after that. I joined when I turned 50, this is the earliest age for acceptance. What I like best about this organization is the 15% to 30% discounts you get instantly just for flashing their little red card. When searching online for travel deals, flights, hotels, car rentals, resorts, cruises etc. You still get the discounts on top of the advertised specials. It’s like having whipped cream on your dessert topping!

(How To Join)


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