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Ah, Reno Nevada, “The Biggest Little City in the World” As it boasts this proudly for decades.

Reno got her start by being centrally located for travelers headed west for the California Gold Rush.

What made her so special was the Truckee River, an inland river that flows west to east from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake . It provided an easy and swift crossing in the 1840’s and 50’s. Once the Comstock Lode (an epic gold find) was discovered in the nearby Virginia City foothills in 1859. the river crossing became increasingly important for the growing trade in mining. Reno was officially established in 1868, the same year that the transcontinental railroad, which paralleled the Truckee River, reached the town.

Still today known as“The Biggest Little City in the World,” which arose as a result of the wide range of cosmopolitan amenities in a city of its relatively small size. Reno became a quickie divorce destination in the early 1900’s, and in 1931, when Nevada legalized gambling. Reno was a front runner in creating the model of destination hotel/casino gaming throughout the world today! 

So much more than a gambling town today.

Reno, with an impressive Riverwalk and famous downtown Whitewater Kayak Park, is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.



Downtown Reno, formerly filled with casinos enjoyed a renaissance of sorts over the past few years. The casinos are still there but now there are chic new condos, museums, coffee shops scattered about, restaurants offering local fare and a great new vibe.  The Truckee River Whitewater Park at Wingfield Park, host of the annual Reno River Festival, the nation’s leading whitewater event. Recently completed, The Freight House District, an entertainment complex at the Aces Ballpark with bars and restaurants.



To get your grove on head east a few blocks and  experience the MidTown district. Full of quirky, locally owned shops and distinctive restaurants, this is one part of town you’ll definitely want to experience.



Just west of downtown Reno is Verdi, home to Cabelas, one of the world’s foremost outfitters and an ideal spot to gear up before hitting the great outdoors. With less than an hour s drive you can be racing down the slopes on any of Nevada’s premier ski slopes, also mountain biking and hiking trails, numerous golf resorts, scenic Pyramid Lake, and the truly World famous Lake Tahoe presented in The Godfather II Trilogy.

The food, art and jazz festivals, outdoor expos, fun runs, marathons, and bicycle races have found a new location to expand. Hot August Nights, Artown and Street Vibrations, just for starters. The events are so varied there is truly something for everyone.  The fact is, “The Biggest Little City in the World” Was then and has no intention of changing!

Lets change gears. Every September in Rancho San Rafael Park, The Balloon Festival of all balloon festivals. ‘The Great Race” explodes with excitement. Its more of a celebration of flight than a race. Keep in mind you are in Reno so betting is allowed. The actual race is operated by paid city employees. The real work is handled by volunteers.
Aeronauts, consists of about 100 people providing help in many areas of the race including field set-up, pilot crewing and up keep of the grounds. They also assist everyone involved in the race from the organizers and pilots to the sponsors and spectators. Eleven months out of the year these guys meet and meticulously discuss and tweek operations for the next year’s celebration.   2019 will be the 36th anniversary. It has become the largest free hot air balloon event in the country and is held the first weekend after Labor Day yearly. last year they saw an attendance of 140.000 plus, the numbers should not make anyone hesitant to attend, you are visiting “wide open spaces”  in “The Biggest Little City in the World!’

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Need a mellow yellow type of afternoon, the spas in Reno are world class.




Sparks is right next door. When you are energized. The Nugget Rib Cook-Off In Sparks was named “Best BBQ Festival” by USA Today Top10 Readers’ Choice. The annual event transforms the Labor Day holiday into a must-attend culinary, music, craft and family end-of-summer affair. Swimming and first class condo style accommodations are also in the mix.


If you can imagine it. Enjoy it in style in northwest Nevada.


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Affordable Hotels In Reno

Affordable Hotels In Reno


If you have visited, please share your experiences and photos. We love to share.    Happy Travels!  Chris


If you have visited, please share your experiences and photos. We love to share.    Happy Travels!  Chris


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