Aliens at the Texas Boarder, Yes, But Not What You Think! Marfa, Texas

Marfa Texas is Quirky little town located in far West Texas.  It’s loaded with bizarre art, funky accommodations and yes The World Famous Marfa Lights!


“The ‘Marfa Lights’ of west Texas have been called many names over the years, such as ghost lights, weird lights, mystery lights. I must say the lights are quite amazing when you catch a glimpse for the first time. By no means are the lights constant but if you stay for a bit every now and then they will pull off a light show that will send chills down your spine. They actually look like a fleet of UFOs zooming through the night sky as if they are in control of their flight pattern. There is a widened shoulder on Highway 90 about nine miles east of Marfa that is a great place to experience this amazing occurrence.

What’s Marfa Like?


Marfa, Texas is a small West Texas town, a favorite activity of the locals is congregating when someone paints a wall simply to watch the paint dry.

Besides this there are a few other things of interest, The Marfa Lights, Bizarre Artwork, Amazing accommodations, and a near by natural spring Swimming Hole second to none.

The mystery lights are sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes white, and usually appear randomly throughout the night, no matter the season or the weather. If you have never seen them we recommend adding to your bucket list. It would make for a great weekend getaway or a great stopping point on your way to another vacation destination.

Marfa is southwest of Midland/Odessa and southeast of El Paso, between Carlsbad Caverns and Big Bend National Parks, near the Davis Mountains. Most major airlines (American, Southwest, Delta, and United) serve Midland (MAF) and El Paso (ELP) airports. The Marfa Airport (MRF) is just 3 miles north of town on highway 17 and services smaller passenger planes.



The first historical record of the Marfa lights is that in 1883 a young cowhand, Robert Reed Ellison, saw a flickering light while he was driving cattle through Paisano Pass and wondered if it was the campfire of Apache Indians. Whole generations of Texans have been looking for the answer to the question, “what is this”



They circle around, split apart, melt together, disappear, and reappear again. The best time to see them are clear nights. There is also a designated  viewing station set up off Highway 67 outside of Marfa, from which the lights may be observed. The lights have been attributed to an array of things–ground temperature fluctuations creating static electricity, the piezoelectric effect (having to do with the expansion and contraction of quartz rocks), and, of course, magic and UFOs. 

Things to See and Do in Marfa

Today, Marfa is a tourist destination with both historical and contemporary attractions including Ballroom Marfa, Building 98, Blackwell School, the Chinati and Judd Foundations.




There is very unique artwork scattered throughout the town and displayed proudly in open fields on the outskirts.

Make your plans now to join us in Marfa for Chinati Weekend 2019. Events include open viewing of the permanent collection, the opening of a special temporary exhibition, scholarly talks, music performances, and the annual benefit dinner on Saturday evening, which is our largest fundraising event of the year. Tickets for the benefit dinner are now on sale.

For a complete list of where to find inspiration has links to all the city’s wonderful creative spaces, restaurants, shops, and hotels. Be sure to stop by the Marfa Visitor Center, located in the former USO building, for maps and itineraries to guide you around Marfa and the surrounding area.

Balmorhea State Park reopened its 1.3-acre swimming pool March 1 after 10 months of repairs to the rock-walled oasis, which was built around San Solomon Springs in 1933. 


Sometimes the best summer moments are unplanned—a spontaneous road trip, a lazy day at the lake, or an impromptu backyard barbecue. But some of our state’s most memorable summer diversions require advance planning. Balmorhea State Park’s star attraction, the pool, reopened March 1 after being closed nearly 10 months for repairs, and visitors are already returning in droves to cool off in the aquamarine water of the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool.



With day-use passes now capped at 900 to protect the natural environment of the West Texas oasis, summer travelers should plan to reserve their spots ahead of time using the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s new online booking system at


 Open daily from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. all summer long. “It’s really the only place in the desert where you have a place to swim as well as snorkel and dive,” park superintendent Carolyn Rose says.  Along with strongly recommending travelers secure their passes ahead of time.


Marfa has many hotels in the area like you might find on any street corner, but for a real treat and get  the true feel of this funky little town, you must stay at




The moment you step foot on El Cosmico’s property, the atmosphere is just different (in a great way), and the openness of the space pulls you in. That being said, the trailer I stayed in was great, and insanely clean.
 The mini bar contained several amenities at somewhat reasonable prices maybe a dollar more than usual. Most importantly though, I felt safe. The area feels like a common campground, and in that sense, it felt like other guests were more respectful and friendly in the common good of keeping the area feeling safe. Similarly, the hotel staff was superb and immediately jumped on any questions or requests I had.






If you are looking to truly treat yourself for a few days you may also enjoy Marfa Saint George,

a glossy 55-room hotel that’s the fanciest thing Marfa’s ever seen.


There’s Aesop in the showers, sheepskin rugs on the floors, and an impressive array of local art on the walls. And you can actually buy a lot of that art at the downstairs MarfaBook Co., which is chockablock with thick art tomes and original prints and paintings made by local artists.

For those seeking a bit of Texas history and architecture, the historic Hotel Paisano won’t disappoint. Designed by architect Henry Trost and built in 1930, the hotel was headquarters the movie Giant. Book in advance to reserve the Rock Hudson, James Dean, or Elizabeth Taylor suites.


A Bit More Affordable Than The St George and Absolutely Beautiful

THE LINCOLN provides all the comforts of a private vacation home, just steps away from everything Marfa has to offer. All of our eclectic suites are booked exclusively online, delivering a self-check-in experience with no front desk. 



The Riata Inn. Under $100 Per Night  -Reserve Here –

The Riata Inn. Under $100 Per Night  -Reserve Here –


Other Hotels In and Near Marfa Texas. – Reserve Here. –


Just as world-renowned artists have flocked to Marfa, so have chefs, making this tiny town in the desert a foodie destination. The list of dishes served in Marfa restaurants runs the gamut from miso-glazed black cod with seaweed salad to giant burritos served out of a small house. Come with a big appetite and consider progressive meals to experience it all—a pizza parlor, wine garden, and hip bars. Many of these spots have garnered national attention, and for good reason.

And Don’t Forget The Food Trucks!


The list of places to eat in Marfa is ever-changing, so you can return to your favorites while discovering new spots on each visit. Homemade falafel, freshly-rolled pasta, Swiss chocolate, vegetarian chili, and cheesy enchiladas have all been enjoyed on tables here. Start your day with a hand-crafted latte and breakfast then grab a bag of organic espresso beans from Big Bend Coffee Roasters to take home. Enjoy the afternoon by splitting a bottle of rosé or a six pack of local Big Bend Brewing Co.’s beer on one of the many patios in Marfa. Toast to a gorgeous West Texas night over dinner at one of the many upscale Marfa restaurants. Cheers!

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