Bandera – The Last of the Old Frontier-

The Texas hill country as we are lernen partner, still has a few suprises hiding under her stirrups, wide open plains, grassy fields full of hungry cattle, and a small town just southwest of Waco, as the locals call her “Bandera” Need a getaway or weekend vacation as unique as The Great State of Texas herself can offer.  Well come on down!     Chicken fried steaks are a  cooken, Shiner beer flowen in the waiten area.


Just out of the outskirts of town about a three minute ride on horseback sits, T”he Flying L Ranch”

In 1947,  Colonel John H. Lapham purchased it from the original Polish settlers. You can see where the Big L comes in.  He had a vision to create a place where modern people could go, find themselves lost in time.  He later opened an airstrip and flying lessons were available to anyone that needed a little extra distraction.  After several aviation mishaps the “Flying L” came upon hard times.

For the kids or the kids at heart, you also have access to a great western theamed waterpark.  Exciting slides, lazy river and wave pool.

Are we scared of ghosts? On Friday and Saturday evenings at dusk you can most certainly find out.  A real life ghost town is standing on the property with an organized tour.

Want to get off property?  Just minutes away you have the Media River, one of the few warm water rivers in Texas for floating tubing or canoeing. It provides an oil painting background to the entire experience. there are several options for rentals, bus ride drop-offs and pickups.

We loved the cabins the best,  around a hundred a night, clean and spacious.

If you are looking to relax this is the place for you,  ‘hands down’  and they allow 10 year olds to drive on the property in search of deer if you don’t get caught. Great place, if you can fly in to Waco less stressful. Austin is closer but might take longer to start doing nothing and loving it….




Hold a Cabin or Room at The Flying L Ranch here

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