Hide That Booze On The Cruise Or Anywhere Else

Best  Flasks to Hide Your Alcoholic Beverages.

Its So Funny!

Is it forbidden to take your alcoholic beverages on cruises, concerts  the beach, or anywhere else excessive drink charges occur.


Here are some of the best and most current containers that today’s market provides. You can’t help but smile when you see some of these creative innovations

Here’s a few ideas and where to get them…

GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, Sneak Alcohol Anywhere, 3-Pack.  $7.99

Lotion Flask  ORDER HERE –  $7.99


The Original  Bev-Brush Paddle Brush Secret Flask.   $15.99


Flask Brush   ORDER HERE  –  $14.99


Wrist Flask Booze Bangle | Women’s Bracelet Shot Flask for Liquor | AAA Grade Stainless Steel – Rose Gold No Rust | Secret Spill Proof Jumbo Wine Alcohol Bracelet for Festival / Party 4 Ounce by Nova.    $21.99

Bracelet Flask.  -ORDER HERE. –  $13.99


Binocktails 5 OZ Camera Flask.  $21.99


Camera Flask. – ORDER HERE. –  $15.99


Forum Novelties 52943 Double Sided Binocular Flask.     $16.99


Binocular Flask.    -ORDER HERE.  –   $16.99



The WineRack  The Wine Rack, Large.  $55.00

Wine Rack Bra Flask. –  ORDER HERE. –   $55.00


Multi-Flasking’s Bev-Cans Secret Body Spray Flask.  $36.98

Body Spray Flasks.  –   ORDER HERE.   –    $36.98



Binocktails Bev-Satch Secret Messenger Bag Flask. $40.00

Bev-Satch.  –   ORDER HERE.  –    $40.00


FlaskScarf Women’s Jersey Infinity Novelty Flask Scarf (Hidden 8 Ounce Bladder).  $29.95

Flask Scarf.  –   ORDER HERE.  –    $29.95


Wine Purse Tote + 2 Disposable Wine Baggies – Holds Up to 4 Bottles- Wine to Go Made Easy!- Neoprene BYOB Insulated Beverage Carrier with Spout -Wine Lover’s Gift for Mom, Women, Friends or Her.    $27.95

Drink Purse.  –   ORDER HERE.  –   $27.95



BoozeBrella by Smuggle Mug. Disguised 9 Ounce Umbrella Flask.  $16.99


Umbrella Flask.  –  ORDER HERE.  –    $16.99





Brass Eagle Brandy Flask Smugglers Walking Cane    $64.99

Gold Eagle Flask Cane.  –   ORDER HERE.  –    $64.99




StashPad Flask + Collapsible Shot Glass.   $36.99

Features You can take your favorite drink anywhere with this iPad-sized flask First ever tablet sized flask Holds 12 shots Secret compartment that holds up to 4 mini cigars Suitable for rye – vodka or another favorite spirit Specifications Capacity: 12 oz Weight: 0.8 lbs

Tablet Flask.  –   ORDER HERE.  –   $36.99



GENNISSY 12pcs with 1 Funnel Travel Plastic Flask Cruise Kit – Premium Sneak Alcohol Runner Concealable Flasks to Smuggle Liquor Rum Cocktails Spirits.   $9.99

Flask Cruise Kit.  –   ORDER HERE.  –    $9.99


So Much Fun!

Enjoy,   Chris

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