Cheap O Air- Great Airline Option

Here’s another great airline option for GoCheepNow Fans

 Here are some samples of their average pricing and if you can be what they refer to as a flaxable traveler savings can plummet an additionl 30 to 40 pecent. 

We looked into their online reviews and the positives  out weighed the negative 10 to 1. It seems like what most unhappy campers were upset about  were the non-refundable service fees if you decide to cancel. These service are included in the low ticket prices they are advertising and we found on their website this information clearly posted.

If you can live within these guidelines they have some of the best prices online and if you are a flexible travel most likely the best.


This is actually a bit bettter than you find with most of the major carriers. Our phisophy here at GoCheepNow is if you’re looking for the best deals or cheapest last minute getaways or vacations br flexable and keep an open mind. The are alot of great deals to be had.

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JETRADER – Great Deals and Fun

In our desire not only to bring you the best pricing when it comes to quality airline travel, we continually strive  to make your experience fun and entertaining as well.

If you have never used a

( JETRADER Destination Map)

you are in for a fun new ride. One of the reasons we love this company is that you can actually tell the map how much you would like to pay with fun little toggles, and it narrows down the travel possibilities for you.


I particularly like, as you will see, the destination set up.  Just type in your departure location on the top right of the screen and all of your  travel destination cities become little icons ready to be selected. I think you will enjoy this, it’s a bit addicting. Enjoy your flight!

 If you have a moment after, let us know what you think, or if you find any new features, please share. I’m sure our readers would love to know as well.         Check It Out