The Red Woods

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The Amazing Red Wood Forest

Redwood National and State Parks are a string of protected forests, beaches and grasslands along Northern California’s coast. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park has trails through dense old-growth woods.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is home to Fern Canyon, with its high, plant-covered walls.

Roosevelt elk frequent nearby Elk Prairie. Giant redwood clusters include Redwood National Park’s Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

Experience awe with a trip to Redwood National Park. The expansive area—which is actually a clustered network of national and state sites—is home to stunning giants that grow over 350 feet tall.



Go beyond the obligatory tree-hug photo with these bright ideas for exploring nature’s majesty.


Paul Bunyan in the Trees of Mystery


Kinda quirky but a must for a cheesy photo opt, snacks or a last minute restroom break.

Yes, there’s a hint of the American-road-trip cheese factor, but for a family on the stretch of road from Northern California to Oregon on Highway 101, this stop would be a home run. It’s 36 miles south of the Oregon border, amid the miles of coastal redwood forests;

Paul and Babe appear just at the right time for a restroom break and a chance to stretch your legs on some of the interpretive trails. Fight your skepticism and give it a chance. The park has been owned by the same family for the last 67 years and their genuine intent is to protect these magnificent trees and educate their visitors (with huge helpings of humor in the process). There is a good selection of trails, walks, and experiences to choose from while you’re there. If all you’re looking for is a quick photo op with Paul and Babe and a free public bathroom, then this is your spot as well. Have those cameras ready: Paul is just over 49 feet tall and his ox Babe is 35 feet.

Also Paul Bunyan’s is Home of Mystery of the Trees


Welcome to the Trees of Mystery!” bellows a 50-foot-tall Paul Bunyan statue as you arrive at this unique attraction. The Trees of Mystery features a 0.8-mile interpretive trail, more than 50 wooden chainsaw-carved sculptures, and the main attraction, the SkyTrail gondola ride, which provides a Bunyan-esque perspective of the forest from 130 feet above the ground.

About Trees of Mystery

Before the Italian Renaissance, before the The U.K. even existed, and long before Europeans even knew there was a whole other hemisphere, there were redwoods. Not just that they existed, but that the sameredwoods living today existed then.


They are some of the oldest living organisms, and they’ve got the majesty to prove it. That’s where Trees of Mystery comes in. They tell the story of the awe-inspiring trees over the course of nearly a mile. Along the way, the groomed interpretive path takes the time to pay homage to American mythology with its 49-foot-tall Paul Bunyan and a 35-foot-tall Babe the Blue Ox.


House Link

House Link

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First Fly into San Francisco.

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Watch Out For The Local Residents, Remember, You Are In Their House


Redwood forests stretch along a thin belt on the Pacific coast of northern California and southern Oregon, occupying the southern end of the temperate rainforest zone of the Pacific Northwest.

Despite being in a rainforest zone, seasonal dryness has forced these forests to adapt, using a shallow root system to sop up moisture dripping from its needles as summer coastal fog blankets their canopy.

A variety of wildlife species call the redwoods their home. These include banana slugs, Pacific giant salamanders, and red-bellied newts, along with raccoons, bobcats, Pacific fishers, pine martens, black-tailed deer, Roosevelt elk, marbled murrelets, and northern spotted owls.

Streams passing through redwood forests often contain coho salmon, steelhead, and trout.

The stately and awe-inspiring nature of the redwoods are an economic driver thanks to the millions of tourists who flock to visit the numerous redwood parks in California.

Yet redwood forests also produce timber that is among the most valuable on the market, owing largely to its durability and warm hues, as well as the ability of redwoods to regrow rapidly.

As a result, many redwood forests have been cut over at least once, if not twice, in the past century. In fact, less than five percent of the original old-growth redwood forest remains from pre-settlement times.


Redwood National Park stretches for about 50 miles along the far northwest California coast. This is where the majority of the largest redwoods grow.  There are also numerous smaller groves of good sized redwoods located in various places throughout NW California, as far south as the San Francisco area.


There are six towns that are near Redwood National Park. They all have their own character, charm or ways of expressing themselves. 

Crescent City

Population about 10,000.  Crescent City offers all services. It was destroyed in the mid 1960’s, experiencing an earthquake, tsunami and a devastating “1,000 year flood”. Rebuilt in the boxy style of that time, it is a rather plain town that is not cute. It has a rich history in logging and fishing industries. There is a beautiful clean easy to reach beach, a unique lighthouse as well as a good variety of things to see and do. Crescent City has a fairly wide range of lodging (including one motel right on the ocean) and a variety of restaurants; however there is nothing particularly upscale or fancy.


Population about 800. Klamath is a very small town located on the Yurok reservation. Services are limited to a small grocery store, one gas station and not much else. There are a couple of motels (including a 2014 Holiday Inn Express) and a quirky B&B. Restaurants are limited to a few cafes and delis, plus there is upscale dining in the casino. Klamath is located slightly inland, next to the Klamath River. There are jet boat rides upriver in the summer.


Population about 380.  Trinidad is a picturesque seaside village, surrounded by forests. Services include a small grocery store, gas station, and other basic businesses. Lodging includes three high-end B&Bs and a few older motels, plus there are several restaurants. Trinidad is quiet and very scenic, with nearby short beaches, parks and great ocean views.


Population about 15,000.  McKinleyville is a slightly inland community with one motel, a Holiday Inn Express. It offers all services and has about 15 mid-range and fast food restaurants. It is quieter, smaller and cleaner than nearby Arcata & Eureka. The small regional airport is located in McKinleyville.


Population about 18,000. Arcata includes bay marshes, empty ocean beaches, pastures and forest covered hills. Part of the town is located on 101; the older downtown is a separate distinct area. Arcata offers all services and a variety of lodging in all price ranges. It is a lively, ultra liberal university town with a substantial population of aging hippies.


Population about 30,000. Eureka is the largest town by far in all of far NW California, is the “hub” of the entire area and offers all services. Eureka is busy, congested and noisy with a noticeably high vagrant population. It has a beautiful setting next to Humboldt Bay, but lodgings do not take advantage of it. Eureka offers a wide range of lodging and dining in all price ranges. There are many tourist attractions in and around town and long wild beaches on nearby Samoa Island. Eureka is home to the Carson Mansion, considered to be the finest example of Victorian architecture in existence (interior closed to the public).

When visiting the Redwood National Park area, you will be doing some back-and-forth driving wherever you stay. Nearly all of the driving is on pleasant, scenic two lane roads.



5 Sweet Swimming Holes Under the Redwoods


Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park 













Sequoia Aerial Adventure


Nestled off the coast of Northern California and deep in the Redwood forest, Sonoma Canopy Tours is high adventure and completely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

With two unique courses, each a two-and-a-half hour Guided eco tour that include multiple zip lines, sky bridges, a majestic spiral staircase, a rappel to the forest floor, you will be immersed in the unparalleled beauty of the world famous California Coastal Redwoods.

Have an exhilarating adventure while exploring the redwood forest! Select your level of challenge on three aerial trails and over 40 elements, including swinging logs, cargo nets, and cables set 30 to 80 feet in the air! Multiple self-guided options combine solo and partner balance elements, focusing on challenge, fun, and group interaction.

Mount Hermon’s highly trained staff offer instruction and monitor your progress through the course. Each two hour session gives you access to the entire aerial adventure course of 30 elements plus two zip lines and the quick jump.



All that fresh and sea water provides habitat for at least 188 fish species, according to parks records. Obviously, fish are some of the most difficult wildlife to observe, but with determination and good timing, some of the more spectacular or interesting native fish species can be added to your park wildlife

The most famous and showiest native fish are the salmon and trout that glide through park streams. Most parks salmon and trout species spend the majority of their lives at sea. But, during November through February, streams fill with the run of spawning fish. Some of the best places to watch are along Prairie Creek, accessed via the Prairie Creek Trail or Elk Prairie Campground; Lost Man Creek, accessed via the Lost Man Creek Road and Trail; and Mill Creek, accessed via the Mill Creek Trail.

Unfortunately Redwood Creek and the Smith River usually have too much water flowing through them during the spawning season for safe and easy salmon and trout viewing.

During the summer, however, both the Smith River (using a mask and snorkel) and Redwood Creek (just walk along the bank) are excellent places to look for juvenile salmon and trout as well as other native freshwater fish.

The ocean provides habitat for many fish species, but the only place to easily see marine fish is in the parks’ tidepools. Unfortunately, two species of native fish, the eulachon and tidewater goby, can no longer be seen in the parks because they have gone locally extinct.

Of course, many visitors like to enjoy catching fish. The most popular recreational fishing in the parks includes salmon and trout fishing in the Smith and Klamath Rivers, limited trout fishing in portions of Redwood Creek as well as surf and night smelt and surfperch fishing along park beaches. Regulations vary widely for open seasons, daily bag and possession limits as well as allowable hours for fishing depending on the target species and location.

Please contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to obtain a copy of the the most up to date fishing regulations ( or 707 445 6493) or ask at any park visitor center. All recreational anglers must possess a valid California state fishing license while fishing within the parks. Remember, before and after fishing, please remove all aquatic plants and invertebrates and decontaminate your gear, boat and trailer to prevent the spread of harmful exotic and invasive species.




Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is known for its epic old-growth redwoods. But did you know about the park’s swimming beach located on Smith River? After a day spent hiking under the redwoods, it might be nice to cool down. Smith River is prime for fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling (with a wetsuit, since the water is usually cold). If you happen to be at the park early in the morning or at dusk, listen for a bird that goes “keer, keer” — it could be the elusive marbled murrelet.

Richardson Grove State Park


If your backyard swimming pool feels confined, try the swimming hole at Richardson Grove State Park — it’s huge (and deep)! The water is placid and a deep bluish-green — and it couldn’t be any more inviting. A pebbly bank lines one side of the water, creating a perfect spot for visitors to relax in the sun. If you’d rather wade ankle-deep instead of swim, walk south of the visitor center. There, you’ll find more shallow water. Many visitors bring tubes to float down the river, which is not a bad way to spend the day.

Navarro River Redwoods State Park


To better understand Navarro River Redwoods State Park, look at it on Google Maps. The park is shaped like a snake and follows the course of North Fork Navarro River. This, of course, makes it perfect for many aquatic activities. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming — they’re all options. Here’s a League tip: Check out the swimming hole at milepost marker 3.66. For those who are less enthusiastic about getting in the water, the park is still a great place to go for a scenic drive and a picnic.

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Mendocino Headlands State Park is where primeval redwood forest and rugged California coastline meet. Not surprisingly, it’s a magical place. Visitors are welcome to wade or swim in the Big River — a respite from rugged ocean surf. Another alluring feature is the sea caves, which are embedded in the coastline and accessible by kayak. For anyone inclined to stay out of the water, several trails run along the bluff. No matter what activity you choose, spectacular views lie ahead.

Van Duzen County Park


Although Van Duzen County Park is off the beaten path, it’s well worth the visit. The park is known for Swimmers Delight, an excellent place to wade or swim on a hot summer day. At this spot, the water has carved out a steep sandstone bluff on one side of the river. On the other side, the water washes onto a flat, pebbly beach. The river is wide, gently flowing, and wildly picturesque — it’s the kind of place where childhood memories are made.


Drive the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway


This 10-mile road cuts through the heart of an old-growth forest in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Herds of Roosevelt elk roam the woods and are easy to spot right from your car’s windows. If you want a more immersive experience, hop out and go for a hike at one of the many trailheads, including Big Tree Wayside and Ah-Pah.


If you like to paddle a canoe or kayak, ride your standup paddleboard, row a skiff, sail a boat


From bucolic pedals through flat farmlands to some of the most technical and challenging…


Bikers in the know head up to Humboldt County for scenic, sweeping vistas and thrilling…


Humboldt County contains some wonderful little towns to which you can retreat after your…


History buffs have it good in Humboldt County. From Native American heritage to Victorian…



Humboldt County is one of the most family-friendly destinations in California, in large…

Whatever it is that brings someone to a place like Humboldt County, we all like to shop…


Now You can Get Small!

Grand Haven, Michigan – Affordable Fun For Everyone!



Beat the summer heat on the beaches of West Michigan, Yes!,  Michigan!

If you’re  not a local you’re in for one of the best surprises the northern United States has to offer. Its also one of the most affordable vacation spots for families, makes for a perfect romantic weekend getaway or a relaxing last minute escape from the norm…


This beautiful slice of heaven goes by the name of

Grand Haven, Michigan



This is a  sleepy little town eights months out of the year, unless you enjoy fresh water ice fishing, which is a pretty big draw here. Ill get into this very cool, not for everyone  option in a bit.

Grand Haven is a Michigan city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, known for its sandy beaches. A shop- and restaurant-lined boardwalk runs along the harbor to Grand Haven State Park beach and the south pier, home to the 1839 Grand Haven Lighthouse.


The seasonal Grand Haven Musical Fountain features synchronized light and water shows. A trail with lake views winds through wooded dunes at Rosy Mound Natural Area.







Michigan’s #1 State Park and AAA’s preferred beach for Michigan. A popular destination for camping, fishing, sunbathing, volleyball and swimming.  This 48-acre park is located on the beautiful sandy shore of Lake Michigan. The park consists entirely of beach sand and provides scenic views of Lake Michigan and the Grand Haven pier and lighthouse.



This popular 7 acre park offers swimming and sunbathing along 745 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline. During the summer, a barrier free beach walkway is available. Visitors can also climb the wooden stairway to the top of a dune for a panoramic view of Lake Michigan. Located 2 miles north of Grand Haven.



Sandy swimming beach located on Lake Michigan. The city beach is nestled between The Bil-Mar, a beachfront restaurant, and Grand Haven State Park beach on Harbor Drive. Limited free parking is available. No fees or passes required. Leashed dogs are allowed on the VERY South end of the City Beach – South of The Bil-Mar – look for signs.


A classic Great Lakes dune system including high wooded dunes, foredunes, beach and a dune blowout. A 0.7 mile (one way) hiking trail from the parking area to the Lake Michigan shoreline includes 1,000 feet of stairs up and down the dunes and scenic views of woods, the dune blowout and Lake Michigan. A unique shade canopy and dune boardwalk trail.


Sixty-eight acres of sandy beach, high bluffs and wooded dunes along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Covered pavilion, playground, swimming beach, nature hiking trails with scenic wooden stairways leading to dune overlooks. This is a popular park for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, off-lease dog beach and cross country skiing.



Film location from the movie, “Road to Perdition,” starring Tom Hanks. Mostly wooded 20-acre site that includes a mature beech-maple-hemlock forest, a deep steep dune formation and 740 feet of Lake Michigan frontage.



Features over three miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and beaches, 297 site modern campground, towering sand dunes, and the Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center. Miles of hiking and skiing trails offers stunning views Lake Michigan and subtle beauty at every turn. Located five miles north of Grand Haven.


The Closest Airport to Fly into with affordable rates.


It’s located 16 miles out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and 37 miles from Grand Haven


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Experience Vacation Living Your Way

Sleepy beachfront cottages with wraparound porches. Luxe condos and townhouses overlooking downtown’s main streets.

Furnished apartments within a stone’s throw of the Lake Michigan shoreline. The Grand Haven Area has more than 70 available vacation rental properties.

Some are year-round addresses with multiple rooms and winter guest amenities (such as snow removal and complimentary cozy slippers by the fireplace), while others cater exclusively to warmer-weather visitors.

Browse available rental options in the Grand Haven Area for either a weekend or weeklong getaway below!


Would You Stay In this House for $110 Per Night? We did and would do again.

VRBO HOUSE House Below Link…





Reel in that big one

Coho and chinook salmon, steelhead, lake trout, bass, bluegill, perch and walleye abound in the varied waters surrounding the Grand Haven Area. Have a charter captain navigate Lake Michigan in early fall in search of that prized salmon or steelhead [Converted]steelie. Travel inland to Spring Lake with friends, and cast a line from the shore in search of that elusive bass. Or go it alone and try to hook that trophy catch. Many anglers get lucky from the pier at Grand Haven State Park. And don’t forget to share in Grand Haven’s celebration of all things salmon during the annual Salmon Festival in September.

Use the pages below to download fishing guides, investigate local fishing hot spots and gear up to catch the ‘big one’. You can also find marinas, boat launches and charter fishing services.



Kim and Paul do everything they can to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying yourself including offering me beverages and a blanket and even taking a detour once they discovered what a real estate geek.
Heading up the river before turning around to head out past the lighthouses and to the big water of Lake Michigan, we were able to see some beautiful sites and catch a great sunset too!


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 Ice Fishing



Auger down, tip-up

When the weather in Michigan gets colder, anglers get fishing across more than 11,000 inland lakes and 36,000 miles of rivers and streams. In fact, for many experienced anglers winter is the best time to get hooked.

Ice fishing is a time-honored sport. It can be a solitary endeavor or a chance to win bragging rights among family and friends.

An ice fishing excursion can be as simple as drilling a hole in the ice and dropping in a line while perched on an overturned bucket.

Or it can be an all-day outing complete with an elaborate ice shanty boasting all the comforts of home.

Either way, traversing frozen waters allows anglers to reach the far corners of lakes that would be inaccessible during the open water season.

The state boasts more than 150 species of fish and almost all of them can be caught through the ice.

Popular species when the ice freezes over include panfish such as bluegill and perch as well as northern pike, walleye and various trout species.

Are you ready to get your fish on in Pure Michigan?  Families and friends can enjoy Free Fishing, Februay 15 & 16, 2020.


Everything You Need to Know About Ice Fishing

ice fishing on Lake Monona

No need to stay inside during the long winter months waiting for the sun to come out and dreaming about open water and summer fun. Be adventurous, bundle up, get outside and try fishing in a whole new way–through the ice! Ice fishing action can be fast and furious when winter seals the lakes under ice. Best of all, there are no mosquitoes or flies to “bug” you.

Imagine this. You bundle up and walk out onto a frozen lake on a clear and crisp winter day with your sled full of fishing gear and the fishing license in your pocket. Once you find the perfect fishing spot, you drill a large hole completely through the ice until you can see open water. Then, you get out the ice chisel to widen your hole. Now, you unpack your sled and find your special lures, jigging rods or tip-ups to catch the fish. You will probably want to get out your portable seat to sit on so that you can look down the hole to see what’s happening. Then, you grab the skimmer to keep the hole clear of the ice and slush that forms during the day. Once your line is set, you’ll need to keep a close eye on it or watch for the flag on the tip-up to see if you’ve caught a fish. When your hands get cold, you grab for the thermos of hot chocolate you brought along, mmmm, just what you need to warm up. You end up eating fish for lunch out on the ice, cooked on the small stove you brought along. What a great day of fishing!



There are so many great things to do in Grand Haven and while the beach is fun, walking around our downtown area and checking out these unique shops will make your trip THAT much better!


Craving a little bit of everything? Then this is the place for you. Clothes, purses, jewelry, home decor, shoes, candles, natural soaps, and lotions, yes please! Inside Lemongrass you will be enchanted by its vintage setting and modern finds that will make women of all ages become instantly obsessed.

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Sun 11 am-5pm.

Location: 218 Washington Ave.

The Yankee Pedlar

Looking to find someone a gift that you would not find anywhere else? Yankee Pedlar offers beautiful antique collections, handmade soaps, jewelry, and home decor all done by local artists. Make sure to ask about their classes they put on for both adults and kids as well!

Hours:Mon-Fri 10-6pm. Saturday 10-7pm. Sunday 11am-6pm.

Location: 220 Washington Ave.

 Jean Marie’s

Here you can find all the latest styles that you will want for just about any occasion.  Be sure to try on the world’s softest Nikibiki leggings that come in different styles, there is no doubt you will be taking a pair home! With a wide array of sizes, affordable prices, and did we mention free giveaways?? There is no reason why you should not check them out.

Hours:Mon-Sat 10am-9pm. Sun 11am-8pm

Location: 212 Washington Ave.

 Purple Rose Boutique

Although it’s not located directly on the main shopping strip, this boutique is full of character and eccentricity that you won’t want to miss. You are sure to find some feminine and sassy clothes, accessories, house decor, and much more in a wide array of sizes at great prices!

Hours: Mon 12-5pm. Tue-Fri 10-6pm. Sat 10-5pm. Sunday Closed.

Location: 232 Jackson St.

 Lee and Birch

Looking for a store that offers a collection of timeless and modern styles? If that sounds like you, I recommend that you keep reading. Lee and Birch has been offering apparel and accessories from premium brands such as Hudson, Paige Denim, DL1961, and much more since 2007.   Be sure to ask about their Brightly Twisted dresses, seriously guys.. So comfortable. They also offer an assortment of handmade jewelry mostly made by local artists, and some all the way from Indonesia and Haiti!

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7pm. Sat 10-6pm. Sunday 12-5pm.

Location: 128 Washington Ave.

 Down to Earth

Here, you will find an eclectic collection of clothes, accessories, and house decor that ages 20+ will enjoy. This place offers a mix of antique and contemporary pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Their friendly staff should get an award for their customer service and will help you put together any outfit centered around your style. Make sure to ask about their hour-long gatherings for groups or parties!

Hours: Mon-Thu 10-6pm. Fri 10am-8pm. Sat 10-6pm. Sun 11-5pm.

Location: 105 Washington Ave.

 Buffalo Bob’s

Even though this is not necessarily a ’boutique’ but more so a general store, we could not pass up putting this on the list. Here you will find affordable, up-to-date trends that any age 20+ will fall in love with. Attention bargain shoppers out there, check out their huge $5 basket, you never know what you could snatch up! They also sell a collection of sunglasses from the hottest brands that you will want to try on.

Hours: Mon-Thu 10-6pm. Fri 10-7pm. Sat 10-6pm. Sunday Closed.

Location: 136 Washington Ave.

 JJ Marche

Would you describe your style as “comfy but cute?” If this is you, JJ Marche is the place for you. Comfortable and easy to wear clothing is what you will find primarily focused around the 35+ age group. They offer a variety of accessories including fun summer hats, jewelry, gift items, and much more!

Hours: Mon 11-5pm. Tue-Sat 11-6pm. Sun 11-4pm.

Location: 16 Washington Ave.

 Must Love Dogs Boutique and Spa

The name of the store says it all- to come inside, you gotta love to spoil your dog! Here, you can find an assortment of unique items for your dog and even for yourself to show everybody that the obsession with your canine best friend is real. They also provide a self-serve dog wash when your dog has had a little too much fun playing in the dirt. And remember, dogs love shopping too, so don’t deprive him of this fun experienc

Eat Ice Cream While Watching The Musical Fountain



This little beach town has a slew of ice cream shops right along the boardwalk and downtown (Pump House pictured above). Scout out your favorite, then have a seat among the rolling grass to enjoy an evening with The Musical Fountain.

The Grand Haven Musical Fountain is a synchronized water and light show accompanied with music of all varieties. Although us locals may take it for granted, it truly is a fun and engaging spectacle! Each 25-minute show features a variety of well-known music and plays daily at dusk from Memorial Day through Labor Day as well as Fridays and Saturdays in May and September.

Get a Craft Beer at Oddside Ales


This expansive bar and coffee shop offer tons of their locally brewed beer on tap along with other adult beverages, amazing coffee beverages, and you can either bring in your own food or order The Toasted Pickle from your bartender there. This place looks fantastic after their 2019 remodel!

Eat a Sandwich


There are plenty to choose from around town, but our absolute favorites are The Toasted Pickle (top picture) and Lucy’s Deli!

The Toasted Pickle

112 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417


Lucy’s Deli

133 Columbus Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Eat BBQ, Drink Beer & Watch Live Music at Grand Armory


Grand Armory Building Grand Haven MI | The Creative Fringe

Grand Armory is another craft brewery right downtown, also containing Aldea coffee and Righteous Cuisine Barbecue. This two floor space is a quiet coffee shop by day and a live music venue by night serving the best BBQ in town.

Ride the Trolley To Get Around


Grand Haven Trolley Downtown | The Creative Fringe

Enjoy a historic narrative tour that starts at Chinook Pier, travels the waterfront and downtown areas and provides a unique trip back in time as you learn the history of Grand Haven.

Each summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day, historic trolley rides are available to residents and visitors alike. The service runs seven days a week from 11am to 10pm with pickup locations at Chinook Pier, Boardwalk, the State Park, The Bookman and Pfaff Pharmacy.

Fares: 60 years and older $ .75
19 – 59 years old $1.50
18 years old & under $ .75
Persons with a disability $ .75
Under 2 years FREE



Lets  –




Happy Travels, Chris

Mustang Isle, Port Aransas, Tx

Port Aransas was a location of pirates in the early 19th century. From about 1800 to the early 1820s, the Gulf Coast was a haunt of pirate ships searching for riches. Capt. Jean Lafitte and his buccaneers spent time on the Texas coast; Galveston owed its start to him and Mustang Island was one of his favorite haunts.

Port Aransas is the only established town on Mustang Island. It is located north of Padre Island and is one of the longest barrier islands along the Texas coast. Corpus Christi Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, the Lydia Ann Ship Channel and the Corpus Christi Ship Channel make up the surrounding waters.

For the whitest sand in the Coastal Bend, visit Mustang Island Beach and State Park. This unspoiled barrier island stretches 18 miles from Corpus Christi north to Port Aransas.

The park was originally called “Wild Horse Island,” and then “Mustang Island,” after the wild horses that were brought there by the Spaniards in the 17th century. The island was originally inhabited by the Karankawa Indians until the early 1800s.

While wild horses no longer roam the beach these days, plenty of still other wildlife call Mustang Island home. Look for crabs, stingrays and a multitude of different birds, especially during the spring and fall migrations. You might also spot an occasional jellyfish, so read our tips to know what to do when jellyfish get too close.

Port Aransas/Mustang Island/Or Post A as most Texans call her is located smack dab in the middle of Galveston and South Padre Island on the Texas gulf coastline.. It is to Corpus Christi as Galveston is to Houston.

Unique to most Texas beaches due to the fact driving on the beach, camping and campfires are encouraged. it is also the golf cart capital of Texas as most locals and tourists make this their form of transportation. There are rental places on every corner.

We all remember Hurricane Harvey in 2018 that decided to  Port Aransas ground zero. Now just a few years later things are getting back to normal and great deals can be found during the final recovery.

Today they are back and better than ever. Here are some current sites around town.

Port Aransas for the next few years is going to be a bargain for travelers looking for that weekend getaway, very affordable choice for family vacations or discounted holiday travel. They want and need your business as the recovery continues. This makes for a perfect incentive to offer such a beautiful destination at heavily discounted rates.

Where do we want to stay. As we always recommend VRBO is the first place to look.

Would you stay here for $70 per night. I would.

All-New 3BR/2BA Palmilla Condo w/ Pool, Dining & Boardwalk to Beach





Do you prefer a hotel…






Ok, If you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket you will fall in love with this resort. It’s famous throughout the great state of Texas!

Port Royal Ocean Resort & Conference Center

We’ve stayed here several times over the years and have never been disappointed. Realistically you can check into to the resort and never leave until its time to go home. Its located a half mile south of downtown Port Aransas.

Port Royal Ocean Resort & Conference Center  Book Here Trip Advisor

Port Royal. Book Here VRBO

While wild horses no longer roam the beach these days, plenty of still other wildlife call Mustang Island home.

Horseback Riding Info – Port Aransas

Parasailing Info – Port Aransas


Lets Go Fishing

Fishing in Port Aransas Info

Fishing in Port Aransas Info

Look for crabs, stingrays and a multitude of different birds, especially during the spring and fall migrations.

You might also spot an occasional jellyfish, so read our tips to know what to do when jellyfish get too close.

Jellyfish have inhabited Earth for more than 500 million years, making them the oldest multi-organ animals alive today. Almost 98 percent water, they are most common in coastal zones around the world and are certainly no strangers to the Coastal Bend region of the Gulf of Mexico.

The most common jellyfish found near Corpus Christi are the cabbagehead, moon jellyfish and stinging nettles. Both the moon jellies and stinging nettles can be found from late spring to mid-summer.

To best enjoy life along the coastal waters of South Texas, check out these five facts about jellyfish:

1. Jellyfish sting, but don’t kill.

Unless the human victim of a sting has an allergic reaction, jellyfish stings are not lethal. Most common stings range from a just noticeable burn to an itchy rash.

2. Scrap off those tentacles first.

Use a credit card to scrap off the tentacles. You probably won’t be able to see them, but if you are stung by a jellyfish, you can count on the fact that the tentacles are there.

3. Don’t pee on it.

You might have heard that urinating on the sting is the only thing that helps ease the pain. Guffaw! That has never been proven and isn’t sanitary. When stung, splash saltwater on the area, then make a paste of meat tenderizer to apply to it. (Use unseasoned meat tenderizer!) Don’t press on the skin. Apply gently. The meat tenderizer will quickly ease the pain.

4. Man-of-wars are not jellyfish (but they still sting).

Portuguese man-of-wars are those balloon-like translucent bubbles with long tentacles. It is not a single organism like the jellyfish. A man-of-war is a colonial organism made up of zooids, highly specialized solitary animals attached to one another. They are unable to survive on their own. The man-of-war lives on the surface of the ocean, with the “bubble” part above water and the tentacles below. Unlike the jellyfish, a man-of-war can not propel itself, so it is at the mercy of currents.

Man-of-war / Photo

Don’t let the presence of jellyfish in the ocean scare you off from having a good time. Stings are rare and easily treated. And jellyfish are not all bad. They are harvested for use in medicines and even as food.


Make Sure You Grab A Slice Of The Best Pizza On the Coast



Other Restaurants worthy of a visit in Port Aransas

 Red Dragon Pirate Cruise Port Aransas

 Red Dragon Pirate Cruise Port Aransas

A Few More Sites Around The Island


Happy Travels!


Boutique Cruises HopaYacht



What is a boutique cruise A boutique cruise is a unique sailing experience that will take you to …

What is a boutique cruise

A boutique cruise is a unique sailing experience that will take you to places you never imagine on a comfortable home-like ship. Boutique cruises take place on small and medium vessels and therefore accommodate only a small limited number of travelers. Therefore the atmosphere on board is relaxed and the service is exceptional. A boutique cruise ensures a direct connection to nature and maximum proximity to the sea.

Relaxing on a deck, taking sips from your favorite drink, watching the sun setting on the sea, and smelling the fresh air, and salty water…These experiences are not only for the jet set.

Without owning a mega yacht, you can enjoy a wonderful boating experience. connects travelers with perfect yachts and makes dream yacht charter holidays in crewed yachts possible for different income groups.

Are you asking yourself – what exactly a boutique cruise is and how it differs from a regular cruise? In broad terms, a boutique cruise is a unique adventure that will take you to the remotest places on earth on a comfortable home-like ship.

Unlike modern day-cruise liners or ‘city giants’ inhabit thousands of passengers, boutique cruises take place on small and medium ships. Thanks to their smaller size, boutique cruise ships accommodate only a small limited number of travelers (maximum 30 persons in small vessels and up to 200 persons in medium ones). Therefore, on a boutique cruise, the atmosphere on board is relaxed and the service is exceptional.

Only a boutique cruise can ensure a direct connection to nature and maximum proximity to the sea. In big cruise ships, you may sail for days without feeling a tiny splash of the ocean. Boutique cruise ships’ decks are relatively close to the water line. Therefore, during your sailing experience on a boutique cruise, you don’t only observe the beauties surrounding you but also become a part of the never-ending views and wonderful nature.

A boutique cruise can take you to places that you can not simply reach in any other mean of traveling. The small size of boutique cruise ships is suitable for docking and sailing in some places that are blocked to big cruise ships; such as anchorages in small villages and towns or bays with small isolated beaches, where the water is too shallow or space is too narrow. Therefore, on a boutique cruise, you can see and experience more.

Boutique cruise itineraries are typically more flexible compared to the cruises on big ships. If you avoid traveling with large groups because you hate the feeling of being like a part of a herd, boutique cruising is a good alternative for you. First of all, excursions in sailing destinations are up to your desires; you can choose to travel in a small group, with your partner or by yourself. Boutique cruise participants tend to be well-traveled and sophisticated. On such cruise, you can get the chance to meet fellow passengers who share similar interests as you.

Popular Destinations Click Here

Boutique cruises involve many activities that aim to maximize your connection to sea and nature. During your boutique sea holiday, you can choose from snorkeling, kayaking, supping and many other water sports.

While sailing 2 to 4 hours a day will allow you to enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea water and views of the magnificent landscape, docking your boutique cruise ship near sailing destinations’ central ports close to city squares will make you feel like staying in a boutique hotel. You can leisurely explore the new towns, experience local cultures, cafes, nightlife, food etc. on your itineraries and come back to eat, sleep and rest and anytime in your centrally docked boutique hotel. Occasionally, you can use a tender boat to reach nearby shores as well.

The key aspect of any boutique cruise is the emphasis on personal service. Boutique cruises are led by a small but a dedicated and knowledgeable crew consists of a captain, chef and service personnel. The crew makes sure that you feel at home as soon as you step on the boutique cruise ship. On a boutique cruise, meals are served either on full-board or half-board basis; the cabins are organized and cleaned once a day, and most importantly – the crew always accompanies you to taking care of all your needs. They think of everything, including a spontaneous mid-day snack, drinks and even live music. Without disturbing your privacy, the crew stays at your disposal all the time.

Remember that on a boutique cruise, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed at all times. Leave your suits at home and just pack your good energy. Join a boutique cruise and set your spirit sail in quest of your future adventure.

For more information on ship types- Click Here

Hopayacht Main Website

Denver Colorado

$81 Roundtrip to Denver – No Way! / Yes Way!

Why is Denver so cheap to fly into now! Just a few years ago it was $350 to $600 roundtrip from almost anywhere in the states.

California has it’s wine vineyard tours and tasting packages, but what is going on in Colorado  is something new and shocking for some.  

Fly roundtrip to Denver from Dallas and 47 other cities for $81.


Get The DEAL Here

I’ve been getting these notices for the last few months and didn’t take much notice in  them until now.  Spent a few days up there last weekend and was amazed,  I can without a doubt assure you what you are about to see is very real.

Denver, Colorado Today

Who would have thought that Denver could turn into an affordable destination, for people looking for a cheap last minute weekend getaways or a vacation holiday hub that won’t break the bank.

This may be a bit shocking to some readers so I will handle this review with a humorous lite hearted descriptions…

Ok, lets go back to the wine tasting tours that the Great State of California has to offer.     Well this is quite different!

Pot tourism is booming in the Mile High City—which, let’s just say, is an apt nickname. -Really, though, Denver is dubbed the Mile High City because its elevation is 5,280 feet, or a “mile high.”-

While more states are legalizing marijuana, Denver remains a prime destination for those looking to imbibe. Compared to Colorado, marijuana use laws in Washington, where recreational pot is also legal, are far more stringent and you’ll be hard pressed to find hotels and Airbnb’s advertising themselves as 4/20-friendly like the ones here do.

And, you may have heard that Denver has more pot dispensaries in the city than it does Starbucks locations.

 It’s true. According to a report from Rocky Mountain PBS I-News, the city has roughly 150 dispensaries, which is more than triple the number of Starbucks stores.

– This Deal Is Real and Hundreds More Like It –




If you are here for  Colorado’s latest offerings being in a hotel room may be a bit confining for the way you are feeling. If not, here are some hotel options that won’t break the bank. Personally after what I have seen, the VRBO house and Condo options are the biggest bang for the buck.

Clean and Nice Hotels Near the Action in Denver CLICK HERE


Back to the Craziness,  if your travel itinerary involves smoking a Doobie in Denver, you’re probably wondering which dispensary to hit up? After asking around these guys seem to be mentioned most.

Native Roots

Native Roots is a pioneer in the recreational and medical cannabis arena. The dispensary is a well-oiled machine with friendly staff who know their stuff, and somehow manage to keep the lines short despite the dispensaries’ popularity. Also, the dispensary is community-focused, participating in several community service projects and food drives. On top of all that, they sell some rad gear, including a vape hoodie with an inconspicuous hoodlace that conceals a vape system so you can burn your fave bud—e-juice, oil, wax or dry herb.

Even rapper Soulja Boy is a Native Roots fan. During a visit to Denver, he had his driver take him and his entourage to Native Roots’ downtown Denver store. Curious what he purchased? The budtenders hooked him up with some indica-dominant hybrids per his request.

Sweet Leaf has 10 dispensaries in the Denver-metro area (plus one in Oregon) The dispensary has received lots of lovin’ when it comes to rankings. It was awarded the “Most Valuable Brand” and “Best Retail Center” in the 2016 Cannabist Awards. Plus, they put on all kinds of cool community events, like “Sensi Nights,” which is a free event bringing cannabis thought leaders together and featuring live music.

Around Denver, you’ll hear some cool “green rush” stories of entrepreneurs breaking into the marijuana business. Sweet Leaf has humble roots: The dispensary was built on $9,000 cash and two maxed-out American Express cards and it started with just 40 air-cooled lamps and a rented warehouse in Denver.

One thing you’ll love about the Denver pot scene is it’s continually evolving with great new products. Sweet Leaf, for example, sells one of the latest and greatest in edibles:Stillwater’s Ripple, a dissolvable THC that can turn just about anything in an edible. You may associate edibles with junk food (i.e. pot brownies!) While you can certainly bake with Ripple, you can use these THC packets to infuse any liquid with THC. Yes, you could make a THC-infused soup or add a little cannabis to your herbal chimichurri sauce.

Good Chemistry has two locations in Colorado, and are a favorite among locals because of the affordability and the simple approach. Good Chemistry offers flat prices on products: $130 per ounce or $30 per 1 / 8 of an ounce. The dispensaries sell more than 60 products, including flowers and concentrates grown at the Good Chemistry nurseries, plus edibles and topicals. The dispensary labels its products with different “effects categories.” The “amplify” icon means the product might help you feel euphoric and energized. The products with the “relax” icon tend to be calming and alleviate tension. The “relieve” icon signals it can help relieve pain. And, the “sleep” icon can help you catch some ZZZ’s.

Plus, how Colorado is this? Cannabis-infused bison jerky is on the edible menu at Good Chemistry. It’s available in teriyaki or hot and spicy.


Pig N’ Whistle nails it when it comes to selection. They’ve got a large selection of concentrates, which are continually growing in popularity. But what really earns them a spot on this list is their wide variety of yummy edibles, including gourmet goodies from Binkse, a Colorado company that makes high-end olive oils, honey, fruit leathers, and chocolates. Elevate your next high by drizzling some of their Yampa Valley honey over goat cheese or use it to sweeten up a mascarpone. Their chocolate bars are also stellar. Take the Binske Origin Chocolate, which is made with Peruvian Nacional, said to the rarest chocolate in the world. The Peruvian Nacional cacao bean are definitely unique: they are sometimes white, a mutation that occurs when trees are undisturbed, according to Binkse. White beans tend to have more intense chocolate notes and are less bitter.

The building that houses The Pig N’ Whistle has a super-cool backstory. In its past life, it was a motel owned by Eddie Bohn, a boxer in the 1920’s who was crowned the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Champion. He opened up a restaurant and bar that he named Pig N’ Whistle. It was frequented by celebs like boxer Jack Dempsey, famed baseball catcher Yogi Berra, and musicians Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey. It also housed a speakeasy in the basement.​

Visitors might be bummed to find that when they arrive in the city, the dispensaries are already closed for the night. Your best bet? Head to Smoking Gun Apothecary, a late-night dispensary, staying open until midnight every evening. That doesn’t mean this apothecary sleeps in, though. It opens at 8 a.m. daily. This dispensary can legally stay open later because it’s in Glendale, which is across the street from Denver, where ordinances require pot shops to close up at 7 p.m.

Also cool? This speakeasy-style dispensary doubles as an “anti-prohibition museum.” It’s designed to have an 1870 setting, which is shortly before the nation’s drug laws were passed. Smoking gun has art and historical facts throughout the dispensary. That includes the replica of a Mississippi jail cell, which the dispensary says represents the fact that purchasing marijuana in the southern state in 1941 could land you a life in prison.

So much thought went into the design of this dispensary and museum.  The bud counter is a stand-out, though. Teller walls were resurrected from the It’s the bones of the Bank of Hibernia from the 1870’s and soured from New Orleans.

If you’re a local and have a Colorado license, you’ll get a “local discount” trimming 30 percent off your bill.

Colorado Cannabis Tours


Don’t be in a hurry when you are ready to check out with your purchases, the employees are hired at these establishments for precision, and they love their environment.  We stood and watched customers slowly being checked out, one of the cashiers paused and asked a customer if she could see the monkey head in the smudges on the countertop, while another  asked another customer if he thought the register looked like the medical scanner on Star TrekVoyager.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Why In The World Would They Be So Laid Back. We have yet to figure this out.

Here are some of the new, friends/employees, we met. 

The relaxation hear is hard to figure out!  After exiting the last pot shop we visited, We were greeted by these guys.  It took me a moment to establish the fact I hadn’t smoked any pot.   I love Denver!

Ok, Enough Silliness 


If pot is your deal your gonna get hungry…

THE MUNCHIES Seem to be the common term.



a snack or small item of food.
a sudden strong desire for food.
plural noun: the munchies
“these camping trips always give me the munchies”

I told you from the beginning I would review with a grain of salt.


Here is what a average vacation day might look like in Denver

When you wake up, your gonna need some  Orange Cush. 

The stoners in the know call this breakfast when the fridge is empty.

Uber now is your best friend, tell them to take you to one of these fine eateries.




 It’s time for site seeing but things are not seeming interesting enough despite the beautiful mountain views you experience every time you go outdoors.

Maybe a trip to Altitude for some Mountain Fluff will do the trick.   (not making this up)

Now you are ready to enjoy the offerings of this great American Landscape!

What! Your still hungry?

Ok, here are a few options…






Can we go site seeing now!

Make Sure Put On Your Must See List  /  Always Something Going On

Ticket Office and Concert Schedule -Here-


Want to just kick back and enjoy The Great Outdoors- Look no further. But how in the world can you enjoy serenity without a little Blue Yak.

Thank God the  Cannabus Station  is nearby…

Feeling Great!  

Now off to the lake.

 Really your hungry again.  Ok, we know a few places that are on the way.




Can We Go Now!

Make Sure


is on your list. Just a 30 minute drive north of Denver


Walk, Run or Bike

Boulder Creek Path hugs the water for over five miles, stretching from 55th Street in East Boulder all the way into Boulder Canyon in the west, winding through city parks, the CU campus and downtown Boulder. Whether you’re walking, blading, running or cycling, you’ll be in good company on this well-traveled track. The path is paved, except for the westernmost tip, which is gravel. It was named one of the top urban bike paths in the countryby USA Today.

Where to get a bike: Rent a three-speed cruiser from one of the more than 40 Boulder B-cycle stations around town. Or stop by University Bicycles or Full Cycle, where you can rent adult bikes as well as helmets (safety first!) and kids’ bikes.

Boulder Creek Path Biking

Pack a Picnic

The grassy slopes leading down to the creek were practically made for picnicking, but you can also snag a table at one of the numerous parks along the Boulder Creek Path, including Eben G. Fine Park, Central Park and Scott Carpenter Park. Our favorite foodie ritual? Hitting the Boulder Farmers Market (just north of the creek on 13th Street between Canyon and Arapahoe) on Saturday morning or Wednesday evening for fresh-baked bread, local cheese and wine, and a sampling of in-season fruits to nibble on a blanket by the creek.

Float or Flip

Splat rocks. Squirt lines. Slide drops. If these phrases mean anything to you, then kayaking Boulder Creek should be at the top of your list. Boulder’s whitewater kayak park is located in Eben G. Fine Park at 3rd and Arapahoe in the mouth of Boulder Canyon and includes a slalom course and an ender hole dubbed Widowmaker.

Tubing Boulder Creek

Tops for Tubing

Boulder Creek was named one of the 10 best lazy rivers for tubing in the U.S. by Men’s Journal. Tubing down Boulder Creek is one of summer’s main attractions.

Where to tube Boulder Creek: Put in at Eben G. Fine Park and let the creek carry you as far as 55th Street. Just don’t expect a super-gentle float — this ride includes chutes and rapids! For an easier trip, hop on at 6th Street or a few blocks east near Boulder Public Library. Helmet, life jacket and water shoes recommended regardless of where you put in.

Where to get a tube: Here’s a list of places that sell and/or rent tubes

Check weather and water levels: Tubing usually runs from May to September, depending on the weather. Before you go, make sure to check the water levels on the Colorado Division of Water Resources website. The ideal level for tubing the creek is 40–200cfs (cubic feet per second). Between 200 and 300cfs and you’re in for a wild ride. We don’t recommend tubing when water levels are above 300cfs. Check out our list of places to buy or rent tubes in town.

Cast Your Line

Feel like trying your hand at fly fishing? Pick up a license and scope out a spot on the creek for a leisurely day of catch-and-release fishing. Just watch out for tubers and kayakers! Little anglers (ages 12 and under) will love the Evert Pierson Kids’ Fishing Pond, located on Boulder Creek near 9th Street.

Dive In


The water may be to cold for some but the views are more than worth a visit.

Okay, so you can’t actually dive into Boulder Creek, but you can definitely wade! You’ll find numerous spots for a quick dip along the creek, including Eben G. Fine Park and the area near the Boulder Farmers’ Market under Broadway. Dogs are also welcome to wade, so bring your pooch along (on leash) to cool off.

Admire the Art

Boulder Creek is known for its stone-balancing artists, who stack creek rocks into seemingly gravity-defying towers above the current. The best places to catch these artists at work are the bridges between 9th and 13th Streets. As you walk along Boulder Creek Path, you’ll also find many murals painted under overpasses and on buildings, a sculpture garden just west of 9th Street, a Flood Monument near 13th Street and the intricately carved and brightly painted Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, which is a work of art itself. Want more? Stop in next door for a visit to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

This magical place is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Here is a List of Trip Advisors 15 best things to do in or around Denver

Downtown Denver is also a great place to spend the afternoon just walking around, taking in the locals, enjoying the sites or just getting a bite to eat. There seems to be a lot of snacking here. There’s something for everyone.


Have Fun and Stay Safe,

We will continually keep posting the flight deals here as we get them and continue to monitor accommodation specials as they become available

Here are the current offers once again

Fly roundtrip to Denver from Dallas and 47 other cities for $81.

Get TheDEAL Here





The Big Easy – On The Cheap!



In such a popular location as New Orleans it can get tough to find nice accommodation located near the hot spots for less than $200 per night and that is just for an average hotel room. Not to worry we’ve got you covered we’re sure we’ll have you smiling ear to ear!

If you’ve never visited this slice of uniqueness when it comes to American towns here’s a quick description of how it came to be and where it is today

It’s basically an island between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans is a city defined and shaped by waterways. Nicknamed the Crescent City because of its quarter-moon shape, New Orleans was isolated from the mainland for close to 250 years.

Take A New Orleans Food Tour -Reserve Here-


Because of that isolation, the city was a hotbed of cultural innovation, distinctive developments including jazz, Creole cuisine, gospel music, jazz funerals and a sassy stew of cultures that are uniquely its own.

Until the first major bridge was built linking the city to the mainland in 1958, New Orleans was dominated by more canals than Venice. Locals got around by boat and by hopping on one of the historic streetcars that traveled more than 200 miles of lines, including the infamous streetcar named Desire that ran along Desire Street.


Culturally, New Orleans boasts an eclectic hybrid of African-American, French and Spanish influences. Both the French and the Spanish ruled the city before the United States snatched it up, along with the rest of Louisiana in the $15 million Louisiana Purchases in 1803. 


While You Are Visiting Here Is A Must  Steamboat Natchez Harbor Cruise

Steamboat Natchez Harbor Cruise



In the 18th century, Creoles were defined as French or Spanish descendants born in the colony. The Cajuns of South Louisiana were originally French colonists who, more than 350 years ago, settled in Nova Scotia. The British exiled them, resulting in a wave of Cajuns settling in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. To understand more about the difference between Cajun and Creole see here.


You Must Do This! New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat Tour (With Transportation)

New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat Tour (With Transportation)


Understanding the roots of these two groups adds color and dimension to the vibrancy of New Orleans, a city with a rhythm, style and attitude all its own. It’s a city of festivals, of freewheeling fun, of go-cups poured in the bars where cocktails were invented. It’s a place where pirates and ghosts have free rein, where cemeteries are above-ground cities of the dead and Voodoo has its own royal queen. Here, Carnival stretches for weeks, gumbo and crawfishrecipes are family heirlooms and neighborhood pride is touted in all corners of the Big Easy.

Take A New Orleans Jazz Tour – Reserve Here-

This is an opportunity to experience live Jazz in varying forms in a pre-selected, safe environment. Venues chosen offer a variety of atmospheres and music styles for your enjoyment. Avoid paying too much for admissions to venues that have consistently pleased previous visitors.

To the spellbound visitor that gets it, New Orleans is like no other place in the world, a city formed by the superstitions, traditions and history of Creoles, Spaniards, French, Irish, Italians, enslaved Africans and free people of color. The particular experiences to be had here have always been driven by independent thinkers, creative spirits and non-conformists. And that is never going to change.

Things To Do in New Orleans Courtesy of Trip Advisor -Great Information – Check This Out-


Lets – GoCheepNow – Check The Rental Out Walking Distance to Everywhere Things to do in New Orleans Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Located across the street from the French Quarter Sits This Beautiful Condo With Out Door Patio For $100 Per night with exception to Major Holidays  like Mardi Gras

Yes – $100 Per Night – Sleeps Party of Four VRBO – Reserve Here

Similar –  VRBO French Quarter Propertiy Link 

There Are Beautiful Hotels in New Orleans but like San Francisco they seem to be a bit on the pricey side.  We are

Here is a Great List that has to offer-View Here-

Our Favorite Is The Roosevelt Hotel

New Orleans – Cooking Class?

Now if you want to do something Really Cool take a Cooking Class you’ll love it and get to impress your friends when you get home.

Cooking Class. -Reserve Here- 


Ok, We know we are,,,

But sometimes when we are traveling we may want to Splurge!  No Discounts Offered from these guys.  But thought it was Just To Cool not to mention!

Coastal Saltwater Fishing Charter


They are a very fun and positive fishing charter! They are a fleet of Louisiana native guides that really know the waters and will put you on some serious fish catching action!

Easy day trips out of New Orleans. Inshore, offshore, marsh, oil rigs, islands you name it they will go there! Redfish, speckled trout, snapper, cobia, sharks, mackerel, flounder, sheepshead, and many other species are caught depending on season.

Captain Markham Dickson also speaks German if your group needs that service he can run it personally. Big groups or small (1-60 people) we will make sure y’all have a good time! 1-6 people per boat and 10 boats at the ready!

Coastal Saltwater Fishing Charter Reserve Here


They go fishing in coastal Louisiana around grasslines, islands, oil rigs, and islands. As close as 5 miles by boat or as much as 90 miles! Open water or inshore! 1-6 people per boat, up to 15 people per booking. book multiple times for large groups we have 10 boats at the ready.

Coastal Saltwater Fishing Charter Reserve Here


We hope you enjoy The Big Easy this is truly one of our favorite places to visit when we just want to get away and have no expectations. Surprises on every corner.

Enjoy, Chris


The Pocono Mountains the Affordable Wonderland!

Even the most discerning traveler will find comfortable and surprisingly affordable accommodations.  

BeautifuVRBO rental houses $65 – $150 per night in the Breathtaking Pocono Mountains.  CLICK HERE

This area offers an eclectic mix of resorts, distinctive properties and quaint, country inns and cozy bed and breakfasts.

Where are the Pocono Mountains?



With 2,400 square miles encompassing northeast Pennsylvania’s Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne counties, the Pocono Mountains region is home to rolling mountain terrain, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, thriving woodlands and 170 miles of winding rivers.


Best part is it’s super cheap to fly into Allentown, Penn with just a 30 mile drive time to The Paradise Stream All Inclusive Resort.

Lehigh Valley International Airport – Allentown, Penn

Sample Fights With Random Dates From Dallas / Ft Worth Just Switch From Your Town and Dates for Best Deals.  -CLICK HERE.  –



Winter and Skiing

Because of the heavy snowfall in the area, which is twice what the average US city gets in a year, the Poconos are a favorite destination for skiers and winter sports fans in general.

The ski season starts with December and continues through frigid January, where the chilly temperature ensures that the snow will stay on the mountains throughout the winter months. So if you can’t wait to get on your skis and glide down those white trails, December is the earliest you can start.

 For cross-country skiers, though, it can be earlier than that, since you don’t need a lot of snowfall to get on the trails. The same goes for other activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and sled rides.


Winters offer guests the opportunity to ski, snowboard, snow tube and even snowshoe their way through snowy wonderlands encompassing over 163 ski trails,

while summers also cater to the active traveler allowing exploration of 261 miles of hiking and biking trails, over 35 golf courses, whitewater rafting, boating, fishing and open access to nine state and two national parks.

Summer and Outdoor Adventures When You Visit the Poconos


For the outdoorsy person, summer months are the best times to enjoy the Poconos. The weather is at its best between June and August, which explains why these are the peak months among visitors.






Rain is sporadic, and it helps cool down the high temperatures. There’s plenty to enjoy here from hiking and mountain biking to horseback riding and even yes, world class freshwater fishing.









Some of us are hesitant when it comes to this.  I love animals. These guys love their horses and the horses love the attention. You just need to have first hand experience.

It’s fine…





April showers don’t just bring May flowers; all this rain means the fish are biting in the Pocono Mountains! Trout season has officially opened, and our bait is ready for the taking.


The 150 lakes and 170 miles of rivers of the Pocono Mountains welcome everyone from novice anglers to seasoned pros. Visit Big Brown Fish & Pay Lakes to try your luck and provide helpful hints on fishing. 

Big Brown Fish & Pay Lakes stock their lakes with their own trout and bass from their hatchery. Some of their lakes are stocked more than others, but you must remain on land to fish. After casting your line, be sure to reel it in enough so the line isn’t loose. This way when a fish bites, you’ll be able to pull back on your line, and begin reeling your catch in.


Carnivals, special events, and concerts are busiest during those months, so you can time your visit to your favorite carnival or music concert.


The mountains are located within driving distance of most major East Coast cities. This region teeming with history offers year-round cultural tours and art exhibitions, abundant antiquing and brand-name shopping and a full calendar of festivals showcasing the heritage, music and food of the Pocono Mountains.


All of this makes the Poconos ideal for a family vacation or reunion, corporate meetingor convention, wedding or couples getaway or a motorcoach trip.

Visiting the Poconos brings never-ending fun to the whole family. The mountains are in pristine shape and the area is full of activities all year round, so deciding on the best time to visit depends largely on the type of activities you’re interested in. 





And It’s two sister properties.



The all-inclusive packages include Complimentary Breakfast and Dinner daily and all property activities. In winter partake in snowmobiling, snow shoeing, snow tubing and nearby snow skiing.

In spring, summer and fall, outdoor recreation includes tennis, speed boat rides, pedal boats, and nature trail walks. Year-round, guests can also enjoy tanning beds, billiards, swimming, racquetball, tennis, basketball, video game arcades and more.

Plus the Pocono Palace Outdoor Adventure Zone and Cove Haven’s new Outdoor Game Zone offer extra activities (like backyard favorites!) for guests to play during their stay in the Land of Love.

The rooms are a treat in their own right. Instead of remodeling the properties chose to restore. This leaves you a great throwback look of Americana days past…

Take a look!

Upon checking in you receive a  Key Around Club membership, you’ll have access to the facilities, services, amenities and entertainment of all three of our resorts.

Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Paradise Stream Resort is a romantic retreat on private Lake Eden. 


Restaurants at The Paradise Stream Resort



Enjoy breakfast and dinner served daily in our Dining Room. Choose from an array of delicious morning menu selections offered between 8:30am and 11am every day. Coffee and other hot beverages are also available in the Lobby starting at 7am for the early risers! Dinner is served daily between 6pm and 8pm, plus each night features a specialty themed dining menu. Enjoy your favorite backyard flavors with our Americana menu on Tuesdays, a delicious steak and lobster entrée from our Rare Catch menu on Saturdays, a bountiful seafood feast from our Codfathers menu on Wednesdays or even a vintage-styled meal from the Morris & Obie’s Kitchen menu on Mondays! For those with alternative dietary preferences.



Stop by the Nightclub Lounge from 12pm to 11pm to grab a delicious snack, lunch or even dinner! Whether you are looking to eat in or take back to your suite, our new menu has a little something for everyone. Room service is available upon request. Spooner’s features all your favorite snacks, beverages, pizza and hot or cold sandwiches. It’s the perfect place for a midday snack and an ideal way to keep your energy up for nighttime entertainment and fun!



If you’re looking for entertainment in the Pocono Mountains, this is your place to be. Live bands, comedians, DJs and specialty shows fill our Nightclub up every night. Come and dance the night away or just settle in for laugh-out loud comedy with some of the best performers in the area. It’ll be an evening to remember!




No resort stay is truly complete without indulging in a “Passion Potion,” the specialty drink at our Nightclub Bar. Enjoy specially priced cocktails and complimentary hot and cold hors d’oeuvres during Happy Hour from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and check out this prime place for CXO-led activities. The Paradise Stream Nightclub/Lounge opens daily at 12:30 p.m.


Adjacent to the outdoor pool, this seasonal bar and grill is the perfect place to soak in the sun. It’s the hottest outdoor bar and grill in the Pocono Mountains! Whether you’re ready to tantalize your taste buds or take a refreshing plunge, this is the place to be!


Need a bit of luxury and still love the great outdoors.
Have the best of both worlds.   From $109 per night.
312 Woodland Road, Mount Pocono, PA
Have a great time!  If you need any suggestions on fishing spots, rafting outfitters, our favorite hiking or horseback riding trails. Please drop us a line and we are happy to help. Have fun and GoCheepNow!

Pagosa Springs Colorado – Affordable Year Round

Pagosa Springs is a town in southwest Colorado known for its hot springs. It’s surrounded by the rugged San Juan Mountains and vast areas of national forest.

The San Juan River, with its abundant trout, runs through town.

To the northeast, Wolf Creek Ski Area offers downhill runs and cross-country trails. Southwest, Chimney Rock National Monument features the ruins of ancient Ancestral Puebloan dwellings. 

Where  is Pagosa Springs, Colorado?

Well, it’s about 300 miles southwest of Denver and about 200 miles northwest of Albuquerque and about 60 miles east of Durango.  That puts it smack in the middle of paradise, mountain style.  Our focal point is located in the Colorado Sunbelt, in the upper San Juan Basin, surrounded by 3 million angelic acres of National Forest.


Located at the junction of U.S. Highways 160 and 84, Pagosa Springs is within easy driving distance of several major cities, and too close to none:

Durango 61 miles
Denver 300
Santa Fe 160
Albuquerque 212
Phoenix 501
Dallas 658


Durango / La Plata Airport
The closest major airport to Pagosa Springs, Colorado is Durango-La Plata County Airport (DRO / KDRO). This airport is in Durango, Colorado and is 57 miles from the center of Pagosa Springs, CO.
The only issue we have with this is it does not stay with our GoCheepNow concept.  -Very Pricey –
A much better option is jump on Southwest or JetBlu and save 75% or more. Then simply rent a car and enjoy a three hour absolutely breathtaking drive to Pagosa Springs, Co. You will also like having a car with you for spur of the moment mini road trips.
Airfare WatchDog has a complete list of flight with all the major carriers. You can even punch in a desired price range and let it do what it was designed to do!


Here’s a look where you are heading!
Accommodations in Pagosa Springs will having you smiling ear to ear. Super affordable. VRBO has the best values if you like condos and rental homes.  Here are a few of our favorites with a complete list below.

Base: 10,300 ft (3,100 m)

Summit: 11,904 ft (3,628 m)

Vertical Rise: 1,604 ft (489 m)


Skiable Area: 1,600 acres (6.5 km2)

Trails: 77 total (20% beginner, 35% intermediate, 45% advanced/expert)

Longest Run: Navajo Trail – 2 miles (3.2 km)

Average Annual Snowfall: 480 in (1,200 cm)

7 total

1 quad chairlift

1 quad detachable chairlift

2 triple chairlifts

1 double chairlift

1 platter lift

1 magic carpet (ski lift)


$137 per night!    -No Kidding –

Property1:Gorgeous cabin w/ private hot tub & entertainment – close to lake & ski!

Property TypeHouse. 3Bedrooms. 2Bathrooms. Sleeps 12  2662Square Feet
4.3 mi to Pagosa Springs center
$101 per night!

Spacious getaway for whole family w/kitchen -near everything

Condo 2178 sq. ft.

Sleeps: 6

Bedrooms: 3                           $101 per night

Bathrooms: 3

Min Stay: 2–6 nights


Cozy cabin near Golfing, Rec Center, Shopping, Dining & Skiing

$112 Per Night

Cabin 1664 sq. ft.

Sleeps: 8

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Min Stay: 2–6 nights


Trip Advisor


Things To Do In Pagosa Springs, Colorado




This gives destination truly gives the term “Hidden Treasure” true meaning!

Enjoy, Chris

Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

Take a short drive from El Paso, Texas into New Mexico and you find yourself in the small and very unique town of Truth or Consequences This is an inexpensive one of a kind adventure just waiting for you to visit. Another perfect affordable location for that romantic getaway or last minute weekend trip.
The Hot Springs  relaxation capital of the southwest!
The first bath in the area was built in Geronimo Springs in the late 1800s. However, major settlement did not begin until the construction of Elephant Butte Dam and Reservoir in 1912; the dam was completed in 1916. Elephant Butte Dam was a part of the Rio Grande Project, an early large-scale irrigation effort . In 1916, the town was incorporated as Hot Springs. By the late 1930s, Hot Springs was filled with 40 different natural hot springs spas—one spa for every 75 residents at the time.

The city changed its name to “Truth or Consequences” as the result of a radio show contest. In March 1950, Ralph Edwards, the host of the popular NBC Radio quiz show Truth or Consequences, announced that he would air the program on its 10th anniversary from the first town that renamed itself after the show.

On the show, contestants received roughly two seconds to answer a trivia question correctly (usually an off-the-wall question that no one would be able to answer correctly, or a bad joke) before “Beulah the Buzzer” sounded (in the rare occasion that the contestant answered the question correctly before Beulah was heard, the question inevitably had two or even three parts). If the contestant could not complete the “Truth” portion, there would be “Consequences,” usually a zany and embarrassing stunt. Contestants involvement in these stunts and audience reaction earned the observation from Edwards about himself and his producers saying, “Aren’t we devils?” From the start, most contestants preferred to answer the question wrong to perform the stunt. Edwards said, “Most of the American people are darned good sports.


Hot Springs officially changed its name on March 31, 1950, and the program was broadcast from there the following evening. Edwards visited the town during the first weekend of May for the next 50 years. This event was called “Fiesta” and included a beauty contest, a parade, and a stage show. The city still celebrates Fiesta each year during the first weekend of May. The parade generally features area celebrities such as the Hatch Chile Queen. Fiesta also features a dance in Ralph Edwards Park


Fiesta Event -Still Going On Today- Info Here


The landscape in this area of New Mexico is simply amazing.

Cheap Flight to El Paso, Texas

Heres a great Rental Car option 


Up To 70% Off On Car Rentals


About The Company When you need a car, for your vacation, adventure, or a business trip, Discover …



There are many chain hotels in the area but why stay with them when two of the coolest and unique hotels are ready to welcome you for $100 per night on average unless special events are taking place.

The Riverbend Hot Springs Resort and The Sierra Grande Spa Resort –

The major difference between these two establishments are the rooms vs Hot Spring access.

The Riverbed has outdoor patio hot spring pools with basic yet very clean rooms. Because you can use Riverbend’s facilities families and visitors often opt to check in to other hotels with more amenities at a lower cost and just use the outdoor pools the resort has to offer.

 The Sierra Grande has beautiful unique artsy rooms with indoor dug out pools. Lets take a look at both of them.



-As mentioned earlier many travelers choose to stay at other properties at at lower rate with more updated rooms. Then simply walk over for a soak in the mineral waters Riverbed has to offer-



Riverbend’s riverside, mountain view, hot mineral springs are just what you need for a quiet, relaxing retreat and a truly healing experience. Of all of the many hot springs in the southwest, Riverbend is truly unique.

The therapeutic benefits of our geothermal water have been known and used long before Geronimo and his Apache warriors left their weapons behind and spent the most peaceful time of their lives here as guests of Chief Victorio of the Warm Springs Apaches.

People continue to use our enchanted water to find relief from pain, to detoxify their bodies, and to melt away their stress. Come soak by the hour or stay the night and soak all day.

Riverbend Hot Springs offers the only open-air hot springs on the banks of the Rio Grande River, allowing our bathers to relax in our marvelous rock pools, while breathing fresh smoke-free air and enjoying the views of Turtleback mountain or our starry nights.

-As mentioned earlier many travelers choose to stay at other properties at at lower rate with more updated rooms. Then simply walk over for a soak in the mineral waters Riverbed has to offer-



Our water has no sulfur smell, yet is some of the richest mineral water in the country. Check out the mineral content.


Check out The New HOLIDAY INN, room average $75 to $100. Free Breakfast, Wifi,  Parking, Pool, Pet Friendly.   CHECK RATES HERE



$100 to $250 Depending on Room and Season

Resting on mineral-enriched geothermal hot springs, Sierra Grande is a tranquil haven. The serene 17-guest room hotel is ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation, offering holistic wellness services, a traditional Southwestern restaurant, and private indoor and outdoor hot springs that honor the legendary healing traditions first established by the region’s Native Americans.

$100 to $250 Depending on Room and Season

Property Highlights

Armendaris and Ladder accessible

104°F geothermal hot springs

30-minute complimentary hot spring soak per day

Traditional American cuisine with a Southwestern flare at The Restaurant

Refurbished conference center

Equipped fitness facility

Intimate spa retreat

-Getting There-

Nearest International Airport
El Paso International Airport (ELP)
Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ)


501 McAdoo St.
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901









Best Local Restaurants
Latitude 33
4.6 (375) · $$ · Asian Fusion
304 S Pershing St
Comfort food · Outdoor seating · Small plates
Johnny B’s Restaurant
4.3 (614) · $ · American
2260 N Date St
Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite
Pacific Grill
4.5 (249) · $$ · Restaurant
800 N Date St

Lake of the Ozarks

We Love The Show – NOW LETS GO…

Lake of the Ozarks

One of the prettiest places to visit in the United States.. Great values on Hotels, Condos and Resorts year round.  A nature lovers paradise. Something for everyone,  Perfect for inexpensive weekend getaways or extended family vacations. This is a must location!


Lake of the Ozarks


Lake of the Ozarks, lake is located in south-central Missouri, U.S., in the scenic Ozark Mountains about 42 miles southwest of Jefferson City. It is one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States, its contained by Bagnell Dam, built (1929–31) across the Osage River to provide hydroelectric power for the St. Louis area. This mighty body of water is approximately 90 miles  long and has a shoreline of more than 1,100 miles.

The lake, with facilities for fishing and aquatic sports, is a popular recreation and resort area. There are several limestone caverns nearby. Lake of the Ozarks State Park includes most of the Grand Glaize arm of the lake, with 90 miles of shoreline.


Ha Ha Tonka State Park is on the Niangua arm, to the south. The Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir began operation in 1979 and impounds the Osage and Grand rivers to extend facilities at the lake’s western end.



Attractions & Things to Do at Lake of the Ozarks

Since 1931 this beautiful American treasure has catered to great American travel experiences.  Whether it’s golfing within view of the water, camping next to the shore, or renting a boat for the day, there are many reasons Midwesterners and others flock to the Lake of the Ozarks for long weekends and extended family vacations. You’ll find plenty of space thanks to the lake’s serpentine shape and branching tributaries.

One of the central hubs for activity is the city of Osage Beach, located just south of the Osage River impoundment, the Bagnell Dam. Farther south, Camdenton also provides plenty of adventure, including subterranean exploration of Bridal Cave. Or get married in Bridal Cave. Hundreds of couples do this every year!

Bridal Cave


Bridal Cave

To explore another defining feature of Missouri, Bridal Cave is great for young explorers and seasoned adventurers alike. Located near the city of Camdenton, Bridal Cave has a long history in the area, dating back for centuries before the lake was created. Bridal Cave notably served an important role in the Osage Native American culture and folklore, lending this deep cave its current name and story. More information on Bridal Cave’s history can be acquired on any one of the hour-long guided tours offered throughout the day. Along the guided route, visitors to Bridal Cave witness for themselves the giant columns, sensitive soda straws, and mysterious lakes that make Bridal Cave one of the best year-round attractions at Lake of the Ozarks.

Address: 526 Bridal Cave Road, Camdenton, Missouri

Bridal Cave Website


Surrounding the lake in every direction, fun things are waiting to be explored, including castle ruins, swinging bridges, and three-story waterslides, all lending to fun family traditions for years to come.

Lake Activities

Boat on Lake of the Ozarks

No one visits Lake of the Ozarks without experiencing the water. Whether it’s navigating the lake on a boat, fishing from the shore, or enjoying the aquatic views from a cozy residence, the Lake of the Ozarks is the focal point. Boating is made easy through boat rentals from outfitters and from a wide range of public access boating ramps for personal watercraft. Fishing and swimming are also easily accessible at Lake of the Ozarks, with two sandy beaches at Lake of the Ozarks State Park and different types of fishing for every month of the year.

One of the best ways to enjoy the water at Lake of the Ozarks is to spend the night at one of the beautiful resorts at Lake of the Ozarks and waking up to a lakeside view. For an even more natural approach, nearly all the best campgrounds at the Lake of the Ozarks lend quick access to the water and other area attractions.

Nice Affordable Accommodations Around the Lake


Spread throughout the sprawling arms and areas touched by the lake, including the attraction-oriented Osage Beach and the cities of Lake Ozark and Camdenton, different resorts provide overnight accommodations with style. Whether you are looking to play a round of golf at Tan-Tar-A Resort or you want the modern décor provided by Camden on the Lake, you’ll find quick access to the water at all these top-rated resorts. While you’re here, it’s easy to discover the many other reasons why Lake of the Ozarks is the perfect place for a well-deserved vacation getaway.


Camden on the Lake Resort

Located near the shores of mile marker eight of the lake, Camden on the Lake offers great views and is one of the best overnight stays in Missouri.

From the friendly service to the spacious rooms and the engaging activities offered by the resort, everything adds up to a true vacation getaway. Patrons have the choice between a variety of suites and studios, each comfortably arranged with a modern design. The long list of things to do outside of your room at Camden on the Lake is what really makes advanced reservations recommended for this high-class resort. Just a few of the popular activities at Camden on the Lake include parasailing off the shore, perusing the boutiques found on-site, and enjoying live music at the connected H. Toad’s entertainment complex.

Address: 2359 Bittersweet Road, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Book Camden on the Lake – From $107 Here


Set against a sprawling lakeside estate in Osage Beach, Tan-Tar-A Resort Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark offers a complete Ozark vacation experience. Overnight units range from comfortable resort complex rooms to luxurious six-bedroom houses. While the living spaces are all nice at Tan-Tar-A Resort, it’s outside the rooms where you’ll find the most fun. Operating as a full-service golf club and marina, complete with golfing packages and boat rentals, Tan-Tar-A Resort also runs the indoor Timber Falls Water Park, where fun can be found for all ages. Other popular activities at Tan-Tar-A Resort include dining at one of six in-house restaurants, bowling at the Tan-Tar-A Lanes, or simply enjoying the view from the lakeside Sunset Point observation deck.

Address: 494 Tan Tar A Drive, Osage Beach, Missouri

Book The Tan Tar Resort From $110 Here


The Lodge of Four Seasons


The Lodge of Four Seasons Golf Resort, Spa and Marina offers everything you need to enjoy the Lake of the Ozarks throughout the year. Both premium and executive suites are available for an elegant overnight stay, as well as junior suites with pull-out sofa beds. Each room and suit at the Lodge of Four Seasons is decadently fashioned to match the rest of the resort.

During a stay at The Lodge of the Four Seasons, patrons are encouraged to tee off at one of two championship golf courses operated by the facility. Another popular activity is a luxury cruise ride that takes off from the marina. To really top off your stay, after taking part in some lakeside dining, the in-house Spa Shiki can deliver the pampering and Zen-like satisfaction you seek in a vacation.

Address: 315 Four Seasons Drive, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Book the Lodge of the Four Seasons From $79 Here


The Lodge at Port Arrowhead



Just north of Osage Beach in the city of Lake Ozark, Port Arrowhead is a lakeside resort that caters towards all types of vacation goers. Featuring modern rooms complete with high thread-count linens and espresso-stained wood furniture, ranging from deluxe kings and double queens to whirlpool-equipped rooms, The Lodge @ Port Arrowhead easily delivers on a good night’s sleep. Much of the daytime excitement can be found on-site at Port Arrowhead, including an indoor pool, outdoor playground, and full breakfast bar to start your day. For even more fun, Port Arrowhead lends easy access to other attractions nearby, including a lakeside restaurant for dining and nearby marinas for boat rentals.

Address: 3080 Bagnell Dam Blvd, Lake Ozark, Missouri

Book The Lodge at Point Arrowhead From $76 Here


Robin’s Resort


Robin's Resort

On a peninsula near the mouth of the Glaize Arm and the city of Osage Beach, Robin’s Resort provides lakefront access to all the top attractions of Lake of the Ozarks. Whether it’s boating in the water, fishing off the dock, or accessing nearby golf courses, shopping centers, and restaurants, Robin’s Resort is centrally located next to the water and close to all the action. With comfortable accommodations, including lakefront homes, suites, and three-bedroom apartments, Robin’s Resort adds extra relaxation to your Ozark vacation. Avid anglers are catered to with seasonal fishing package rates and tournaments, six different marinas nearby for boat rentals, and a heated fishing dock.

Address: 4935 Robins Cir, Osage Beach, Missouri

Book Robins Resort from $68 Here


Lakeview Resort


Family owned and operated for more than 70 years, Lakeview Resort pairs the original charm of the Lake of the Ozarks with modern and spacious accommodations. Ranging from studios that can sleep up to four people to six-bedroom lodges for the whole family, each accommodation option at Lakeview Resort includes a full kitchen and comfortable décor. Popular outlets for enjoyment include a swimming dock, sauna, and playground equipment with surrounding lawn activities. Ideal for families, couples, or anyone who appreciates a slower pace, Lakeview Resort embodies the perfect Lake of the Ozarks getaway.

Address: 328 Lakeview Resort Boulevard, Sunrise Beach, Missouri

Book Lakeview Resort from $78 Here



Adjacent to the Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Breeze Resort sits on the shore and enjoys sunset views over the water. Featuring lakeside cottages with a rustic appeal and spacious suites with a more modern vibe, Lake Breeze Resort also has a grassy picnic space overlooking the water that’s perfect for enjoying the view. Fishing, swimming, and boating are easily accomplished with a stay at Lake Breeze Resort, thanks to the on-site boat docks, swimming beach, and wide variety of boat rentals. For the younger members of the family, the attached clubhouse provides a great place to hang out, and everyone who visits always enjoys the epic sunsets each evening.

Address: 91 Breeze Drive, Camdenton, Missouri

Book The Lake Breeze Resort from $74 Here


Niangua River


Located along the shores of the Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, near the attraction-filled city of Camdenton, the Montego Bay Marina and Resort provides quick access to the relaxing environment. The on-site Val-E-Vue Resort offers 12 different cabins and cottages, complete with full kitchens, free Wi-Fi, and personal decks for sunset views. At the marina, overnight guests can choose from fishing boats, wave-runners, and speed boats to rent for their pleasure, as well as all the necessary bait, tackle, and water provisions to have a fun time on the lake.

Address: 1629 Resorts Road, Camdenton, Missouri

Book Montego Bay from $54 Here


Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Tips



It’s no secret, Lake of the Ozarks has some of the best fishing in the country. But what’s the secret to catching them? Whether you enjoy fishing during the warm summer months or like to brave the cooler temperatures of the fall and winter, has you covered with some year round fishing tips to helps you land “The Big One” at Lake of the Ozarks.

Vacation Fishing Tips

For over 80 years, Lake of the Ozarks has been home to some of the best fishing in the country. This impressive impoundment of the Osage River was created by the construction of Bagnell Dam, which began on August 6, 1929. The Lake boasts 55,000 acres of water washing up on 1,150 miles of shoreline, and actually has more shoreline than the state of California! It winds through 93 miles of Ozark hills marked with bluffs, points, boat docks, and creeks. The Lake is home to a number of different fish species including: black and white crappie, bluegill, spoonbill, gizzard shad, channel catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish, white bass, walleye, gar, hybrid striper, largemouth and spotted bass. As you can see, the aquatic diversity and sheer size of the lake makes fishing opportunities endless.


While many fishermen that come to the Lake of the Ozarks are tournament anglers that are serious about their bass fishing, the lake also offers the perfect opportunity for the recreational angler who wants a fun, memorable and relaxing time catching fish. You can take advantage of these opportunities either from boat, on the dock, or even from the bank. 

Read more about Vacation Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks

Spring Fishing Tips

Spring Paddlefish Season
Each spring thousands of anglers travel to the Lake of the Ozarks in hopes of hooking into a pre-historic giant. The American paddlefish has been known to inhabit earth for over 300 million years, and can only be found in the lakes, rivers, and streams of the Mississippi river basin. While you can find paddlefish all throughout the Midwest, the Lake of the Ozarks and Osage River Basin is home to one of the largest paddlefish populations in the world. [Read more about Spring Paddlefishing at Central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks]



Spring River Fishing
Here at the Lake of the Ozarks we are blessed to have such a large and diverse fishery. The Lake stretches 92 miles from end to end, and has several large tributary arms which all fish differently. One of the most underrated and secluded sections of this Lake is the 30+ mile long stretch of river leading up to Truman Dam. This area is vastly unalike every other portion of the lake. So decided to sit down with David Ryan, who is a tournament veteran with extensive knowledge and experience up the river, to get his thoughts on the secluded upper reaches of the lake. [Read more about Spring River Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks]

March Fishing
The month of March at Lake of the Ozarks is often one of wide variation in temperature and weather conditions. Anglers are just as likely to find themselves waiting impatiently for the ice to thaw as they are to be applying sunscreen on a warm spring day. The capricious nature of the month that straddles winter and spring makes for exciting fishing. Because of the rising daily temperatures and increased hours of sunlight this month, water temperatures begin to rise, starting the month generally in the mid to upper 30s and ending the month in the upper 40s and low 50s. 



April Fishing
Each year in April the Lake of the Ozarks’ shoreline springs to life, giving anglers an especially great view of the blooming redbuds, dogwoods and wildflowers that dot the landscape. The warming temperatures and increasing hours of daylight tempt fishermen to get back in their boats for another great season of fishing. Anglers look forward to April because the warmer days and water temperatures start to make all of the fish more active. However the two most popular species for this month are bass and crappie.


May Fishing
The Lake of the Ozarks really comes alive in May. Everywhere you look, you’ll see signs that things are shaping up for another summer of fun in the sun. Anglers take to the water to enjoy the excitement of fishing during the spawn. Vacation home owners come down to air out their houses and start up their boats in anticipation of time spent with family and friends. This is truly a great time to get out on the water.

Read More About Spring Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks



Summer Fishing Tips

June Fishing
The month of June on the Lake of the Ozarks is one of the best times of the year to catch large numbers of big bass. Since these fish have recently finished their annual spawning ritual, they are left beat up, skinny, and HUNGRY.  So at this time, the big fish leave their spawning pockets in search of food.  Therefore, in order to locate these big fish you must first locate the food.

July Fishing
As water temps begin to reach the mid to upper 80’s in early July, big fish start to slow down from their post spawn feeding pattern and become less aggressive. While catching numbers of bass seems to be a little more difficult than in June, the big fish bite still remains strong.  It is important to take into account the time of day when searching for the big ones. With the water being so hot, feeding activity will peak after dark so the night fishing really heats up right now. Night fishing is also a great way to avoid the boat traffic that really starts to pick up in July here on the Lake of the Ozarks. With surface water temps averaging in the mid to upper 80s most of the big fish will be found in deep water close to the thermocline where the water is cooler.


August Fishing
BASS – As we move into August we are faced with the “dog days” of summer. A common misconception is that during this time the fishing gets super tough. With heavy boat traffic and hot temperatures, fishing conditions may sometimes seem less than ideal. However, if you plan your trip out with these in mind, you can avoid both and catch a ton of big fish. During this month you can begin to catch fish in many different ways. The deep worm and night bite is still really good, but you can also catch fish out of the same brush piles during the day with a jig or a deep diving crankbait.  A lot of what the fish are doing this month is dependent on the weather conditions.

Read More About Summer Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks


Fall Fishing Tips

September Fishing
The month of September is marked by the fall transition. At this time, the water starts to cool down and bass begin to migrate from their summer haunts to feed. The shallow water in the backs of creeks and coves starts to cool down first, which triggers a massive migration of gizzard shad into these areas. Wayne Fitzpatrick, who is the owner of Fitz Fishing in Osage Beach, has had a lot of success fishing in September. Wayne emphasized that during this month the river portion of the lake turns on fire, but you can also catch fish throughout the lake.



October Fishing
October is one of the most beautiful times of the year at Lake of the Ozarks as the autumn leaves peak in color around the 3rd and 4th weeks of the month. The scenery combined with the generally pleasant daytime temperatures make it a great time to head out for a fishing trip before the weather turns cold. During this month you will find bass in their usual fall pattern. Unlike September when most fish are found in the backs of the creeks, fish in October will be scattered throughout the lake with no predominant location. At this time you may notice that the forage fish (shad) will also spread out and can be found just about everywhere.

November Fishing
November days can be sunny and mild with temperatures in the 70s, or cold, rainy and windy with temperatures in the 30s. It may be getting cold outside but the fishing is just heating up in the Ozarks as winter approaches. Most people are in their deer blinds or bundled up inside watching football, which are both great. But man it is hard to beat the bass fishing right now on the Lake of the Ozarks! November is the time of year when I feel you get true fall fishing. The lake turnover is usually complete by this time and a lot of lures will catch fish.



Read More About Fall Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks

Winter Fishing Tips

Crankbait 101
A crankbait is one of the most effective tools for locating and catching active fish, especially here in the Ozarks. But with the wide variety of different crank baits on the market today, it can often be confusing as to which one you should use at certain times. While there are many variables that go into selecting the right crankbait for any given day, one of the most important features to take note of is the action. Selecting the crankbait with the right amount of wobble can be the difference between catching 20lbs or going home with a zero. [Read more about crankbait fishing]

Jerkbaits in the Winter at Lake Of the Ozarks
Fishing Lake of the Ozarks means one thing—jerkbaits. Jerkbaits, which are also referred to as stickbaits by some people, are long, slender treble-hooked baits that are lethal to bass even in the coldest months of the year. Everyone uses jerkbaits in the wintertime and, as the name implies, you jerk, wait a second, jerk, wait a second, jerk, wait 15 seconds, and repeat. Change up your cadence to match the mood of the fish. The colder the water the slower you work the bait. Several guys will wait up to a minute in between jerks, but I’ve never been one to work a jerkbait that slowly. [Read more about winter jerkbait fishing at Lake of the Ozarks]



Talking Winter Bass Fishing with Legend Vern Jaycox
Forty-one years ago local legend Vern Jaycox took to the waters known as Lake of the Ozarks (LOZ). Over time Jaycox became a very successful tournament fisherman as well as a master with jerkbait. Recently we had a chance to chat about winter fishing patterns, conditions, baits and the season overall. He offered his expertise in what has worked with the winter patterns for him over the years and how he came to choose his methods. [Read more about Winter Bass Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks]



As the year comes to an end and the last two months of fall come and go, anglers will see big changes in the water temperatures and weather conditions at Lake of the Ozarks. At the beginning of December you can still catch shallow fish in their late fall pattern. A few popular baits for this late fall bite are a spinnerbait and a finesse jig. Around the middle of December, you’ll start to see fish move out to their winter habitat. At this time many anglers will start to slow down their presentations. While you can still find fish shallow, many of them will begin to relate to points and channel banks with deep-water access close by. As water temperatures drop into the mid to low 40s the suspending jerkbait bite starts to fire up. When fishing a suspending jerkbait it is vital to pay attention to how fast you are working the bait. A general rule of thumb is the colder the water the longer you need to pause between jerks. Often times the difference between getting no bites and catching a limit is the difference of letting the bait set for 20 seconds between jerks. If you let the cold temperature keep you off of the water in December, then you may be missing out on some of the best wintertime bass fishing in the country. So make sure to bundle up, grab the thermos, and go to to find out how to have one of the best days of fishing you have had all year on the Lake of the Ozarks!


January & February
If you let the cold temperatures keep you away from the Lake of the Ozarks this winter, then you may be missing out on some of the best winter fishing in the country. While most people think that water temperatures in January and February are too frigid to catch fish, it is actually one of the best times of the year to catch numbers of fish, as well as the biggest fish in the lake. During these months you can find water temperatures averaging between the mid- to upper 30s and the low to mid-40s.

Read More about Winter Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks

CAMPING?   Lake of the Ozarks State Park


Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Surrounding the southeast Grand Glaize arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, the state park provides easy access to lush Ozark landscapes from its lakeside campsites. Spending the night is the only way to explore all 17,000 acres and miles of undeveloped shoreline at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The park is Missouri’s largest state park, and popular activities include hiking, swimming, boating, and cavern exploring.

Best Camp Sites On Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake Trail is always a favorite to trek, and the 13-mile Trail of Four Winds provides a good amount of exercise and many water views. For on-the-water activities, the two State Park Marinas at Lake of the Ozarks provide everything you need to enjoy the lake, including boat rentals, fishing supplies, and nearby swimming beaches. To top off your stay, the state park also offers guided tours of Ozark Caverns within the park’s boundaries, which is the only way to witness these stark underground works of natural art.

Address: 403 MO-134, Kaiser, Missouri

State Park WebSite


Golf Courses


Golf Courses

One of the most popular things to do at Lake of the Ozarks is teeing off at one of the many championship golf courses. Whether the courses are lakeside, wooded, hilly, or professionally manicured, golfing at Lake of the Ozarks is more than just the experience of swinging a club, it’s an outing into a beautiful Ozark landscape. All skill levels will find something to appreciate at the dozen plus golf courses at Lake of the Ozarks, with nearly all open to public play, and many that have been brought to life by world-famous designers.


Some of the most popular courses to play include the 27 holes at Osage National Golf Resort and the Zoysia fairways at Bear Creek Valley Golf Club, both located in Osage Beach and both open to the public. South of Osage Beach and across the lake in Camdenton, Old Kinderhook is regarded as one of the Ozark’s best public golf courses and features a lakeside setting complete with rolling fairways, long putts, and a picturesque layout with every hole.

Bagnell Dam


Bagnell Dam

To appreciate the marvel of engineering that created the Lake of the Ozarks, the Bagnell Dam deserves your attention. With construction completed in 1931, the dam spans more than 2,500 feet and impounds the Osage River, effectively generating hydroelectric power and the immense watery landscape that is Lake of the Ozarks. Visitors to the Bagnell Dam are afforded many opportunities to appreciate the engineering at hand, including the Bagnell Dam Overlook on Upper Power Plant Road. On the opposite side of the dam, the Bagnell Dam Strip offers classic summer fun, with family friendly restaurants, unique shops, and the Hot Summer Nights motor festival.


Ha Ha Tonka State Park


Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Located south of Bagnell Dam, near Camdenton, and along the shore of the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, Ha Ha Tonka State Park delivers on beautiful Ozark scenery and an interesting look into a ruined past. The park encompasses more than 3,000 acres of karst and woodland attractions, and popular land activities include hiking, backpacking, and exploring geological features, such as sinkholes, caves, and a natural bridge. With easy access to the water, other popular activities at Ha Ha Tonka include boating, fishing, and swimming. Near the northwest entrance of Ha Ha Tonka State Park, the ruined remains of an early 20th-century castle are often the centerpiece for any visit.

Address: 1491 State Road D, Camdenton, Missouri

The Historic Willmore Lodge at Lake of the Ozarks


The Historic Willmore Lodge at Lake of the Ozarks

Located on the National Register of Historic Places, Willmore Lodge is home to the Lake of the Ozarks Visitors Center, as well as a museum displaying the history behind nearby Bagnell Dam. Standing as a striking wooden-log building surrounded by water, Willmore Lodge was constructed by Union Electric in 1930 alongside the dam. Visitors to the Willmore Lodge today can take in the aesthetics of the architecture and enrich their visit to the Lake of the Ozarks with historical displays and exhibits of the area. The visitors center at Willmore Lodge can point you in the direction of a few more things to check out, but with any stop, the panoramic view of the lake offered by the Willmore Lodge is worth the stairs leading down to the observation deck.

Address: 1 Willmore Ln, Lake Ozark, Missouri

The Swinging Bridges of Brumley


The Swinging Bridges of Brumley

Located within the southeast boundary of Lake of the Ozarks State Park, near the small village of Brumley, two steel-suspension bridges have stood the test of time to remain a tourist attraction today. Both bridges, the 414-foot Grand Auglaize and the 134-foot Miller Creek Bridge were built in the 1930s by Joseph A. Dice, a prominent swinging bridge builder from Missouri historically noted for “eyeballing” his bridge designs. Regardless of his methods, visitors can still drive over the loose-planks of the Auglaize Bridge today. The entire area surrounding the two bridges is a dense woodland ripe for activity, including swimming in the shallows of Auglaize Creek or using the primitive camping sites found ashore.

Address: Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Missouri

Big Surf Waterpark



Nothing beats the heat of a Missouri summer quite like an afternoon at Big Surf Waterpark. Situated just south of Osage Beach and Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Big Surf Waterpark features raging rapids, lazy rivers, and a variety of water attractions suited for all levels of swimmers. Two of the more unique water rides at Big Surf include the three-story high Zambezi Falls water halfpipe, and the 30-foot-wide Space Bowl that patrons drop into. While you are at Big Surf Waterpark, a session in the 375,000-gallon wave pool is a must, as well as a go at the aquatic obstacle course found in the activity pool, just don’t forget to re-apply your sunscreen.

Address: 954 State Hwy Y, Linn Creek, Missouri

Big Surf WaterPark Website


HorseShoe Bay. Yes, and Yay!

Get To Know LBJ  Lake and The Texas Hill Country  HORSESHOE BAY RESORT

Perfectly placed on the shores of Lake LBJ, just 45 minutes from Austin, Horseshoe Bay Resort is an AAA four-diamond lake and golf resort offering luxurious accommodations, family friendly amenities and world-class golf in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.
I found this beautiful property while attending a wedding a few years ago and can’t stop returning time and time again. If you can stay away June through August you can book a stay at a GoCheepNow price as low as $129 per night!
This 400-room resort pampers guests with a variety of dining options, a full-service marina, a relaxing day spa, tennis and fitness facilities, fun activities and live music programming. Exceptional meeting and event venues and three award-winning golf courses.
Make the short drive from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston to a resort that surrounds you with lake activities, wineries, museums, and outdoor adventures.
Take a vineyard tour and sip some of the Lone Star State’s award-winning wines. Go off-roading at Hidden Falls Adventure Park or learn about the area’s history at the Falls on the Colorado Museum. Explore Longhorn Cavern State Park with the family, or set out for a relaxing day on the lake. Book direct with us now to get our lowest rates available, and find out more about our latest specials and packages.
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The Tower

Stay on the LBJ Lakefront in Upscale Rooms & Suites with Balconies

Escape to Horseshoe Bay Resort and relax in one of our 249 Tower accommodations. 

Palms Villas

Horseshoe Bay Resort, Newly Remodeled Texas Golf Resort Vacation Villas

Get away for a fun family vacation or relaxing weekend in our newly renovated Palm Villas. Perfect for families, couples and groups looking for more space, our residence inspired villas invite with contemporary decor and comfortable living, sleeping and dining areas. 

The Water Condos Rentals

Lakeside Vacation Condos in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Rental Units not booked directly through Horseshoe Bay Resort do not allow access to Resort Amenities
Guests of The Waters enjoy full access to all of our resort amenities, concierge services and restaurants, all just steps away. Discover The Waters, where lakeside serenity awaits. Relax in the simple luxury of our one, two and three-bedroom condos at Horseshoe Bay Resort.
Private home Rentals
Conveniently located adjacent to the hotel tower. Most offer private balconies or patios. Guests have full exclusive access to the resort’s amenities and services.
Accessible Rooms
Accessible rooms are available for our guests in our Tower who need ADA amenities. These rooms feature wider entryways for accessibility, braille on door number and a doorbell light. 

A Full-Service Spa & Golf Resort in Texas Hill Country

From sunset cruises to refreshing pools and fitness facilities, to shopping, exotic animal programs and our exciting kids club, we invite you to embrace fun and adventure right here at the shores of Lake LBJ. At Horseshoe Bay Resort, we connect you to the moments that matter in exciting and intriguing ways.
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Choose from our selection of massage therapy offerings that are designed with your specific needs in mind. Our therapists are highly trained in other modalities and these may be added to customize any of our spa services. For treatment enrichment you may add on any of our mini therapies.

Soothing Stone Massage


Enhance a deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key chakra points on the body. This healing massage will melt away tension, easing muscle stiffness and increasing circulation to renew body and spirit.

Mommy To Be Massage


This nurturing pre-natal massage gives special attention to the mother’s comfort at various stages of pregnancy. Massage techniques, organic aromatherapy oil and pregnancy support pillows will help you relax and care for both you and your baby.  Offered in the last two trimesters of pregnancy.


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage



Experience an innovative healing technique using warm Himalayan salt stones to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. Gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and reduce inflammation while giving an immediate sense of improved well-being.


Massage By Design


Customizing the pressure to your specific needs, your therapist will pay special attention to the areas of the body you feel need it the most. This massage incorporates stretching, soothing muscle balm, aroma oils and heat packs.


Massage Enhancements

Body Treatments


For the spa enthusiast and for the guest who wants a full body experience rich in dedicate ingredients and signature scents. Each treatment has a take home component that can be found in the spa boutique.

Sweet Tea Ritual


This ultimate body decadence starts with a full body sugar scrub, followed by a tea infused body mask. While wrapped in a warm cocoon you will receive a foot scrub, scalp massage, a face cleansing and massage. This treatment is finalized by full body Swedish Massage.


The Shirodhara



This ancient therapy begins with a full body relaxing Swedish massage. Then we use a thin, gentle stream of warm herbal oil to the “third eye” to quiet the mind and soothe the senses. The nourishing oil is massaged into your hair and scalp, then further enhanced by an application of Ayurvedic herbs.



Organic fruit filled body treatment starts with a full body sugar scrub and berry body mask. While in a warm wrap enjoy a light face cleanse and massage. This treatment concludes with a full body massage using tropical oils and lotions tailored to your specific needs leaving you feeling renewed.


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Endless Things To Do Near The Horseshoe Bay Resort In Texas

From wine tasting tours to fun in the sun, the Highland Lakes region of the Texas Hill Country is a fabulous destination for relaxation and outdoor adventure.Rent a boat or kayak and go exploring or enjoy a romantic sunset cruise on Lake LBJ. Learn the craft of winemaking and taste award-winning varietals at Spicewood Vineyards, Perrisos Winery and Stone House Vineyards. Go hiking and swimming at Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve or enjoy the stunning scenery and legendary rock formations at Enchanted Rock State Park. Whether you crave relaxation, water sports thrills or the beauty of nature, get out to discover some of the best things to do near our Horseshoe Bay resort in Texas.
Lake Lbj of Texas

Lake LBJ

Our marina offers everything from kayaks and paddle boards to jet skis and pontoon boats. Enjoy seasonal sunset cruises, fishing trips and shark tours. Have fun on the lake at Horseshoe Bay Resort.
Enchanted Rock State Park of Horseshoe Bay

Enchanted Rock State Park

Discover stunning scenery, massive pink granite rock formations and abundant wildlife with 11 miles of hiking trails and cool ranger programs at this park offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.
Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve of Texas

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve

Take a short hike along the Pedernales River to discover a secluded cave, waterfall and grotto where you can relax with a picnic on the beach or dive off rocks into the cool waters of the swimming hole.
Lbj National Historic Park of Horseshoe Bay

LBJ National Historic Park

Learn about Lyndon B. Johnson, our 36th President, through informative exhibits, see his boyhood home and the Johnson Settlement, or take a ranger-guided tour of the Texas White House and LBJ Ranch.
Pedernales Falls State Park of Texas

Pedernales Falls State Park

From hiking, mountain biking and river rafting to swimming, horseback riding and the spectacular 50-foot drop of Pedernales Falls, nature lovers will find plenty of outdoor fun at this recreation area.
Spicewood Vineyards of Horseshoe Bay

Spicewood Vineyards

Sip on a selection of award-winning Hill Country wines and snack on cheese plates at the pet-friendly tasting room or enjoy a guided winemaker tour of these family-owned Texas vineyards.
Stone House Vineyards of Texas

Stone House Vineyards

Visit this intimate limestone winery near Lake Travis to relax surrounded by 7,000 acres of lush grape vines and enjoy wine tasting, self-guided vineyard tours and delicious gourmet cheese plates.
Perrisos Vineyards And Winery of Horseshoe Bay

Perrisos Vineyards and Winery

This family-owned boutique winery offers charming wine tastings amidst barrels and fermentation tanks, guided tours of the 16-acre vineyard, picnic tables, and live music on the weekends.
William Chris Vineyards of Texas

William Chris Vineyards

Relax on the patio overlooking a landscape of rolling hills and ancient oaks while you sip award-winning Texas wines, nibble on gourmet cheese, hummus or pâté plates and enjoy weekend live music.
Fall Creek Vineyards of Horseshoe Bay

Fall Creek Vineyards

Visit the very first winery in the Texas Hill Country to taste a selection of benchmark offerings and wander the gardens at this 400-acre vineyard located adjacent to the Auler Family Ranch.
Texas Wine Country of Texas

Texas Wine Country

Explore the second largest wine producing region in the country with group and private wine tours at our resort. We’re located just a short drive from more than 30 wineries in the Spicewood and Frederickburg area.


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Enjoy Lakeside Dining At Our Restaurants Near Marble Falls, TX

From family friendly restaurants to elegant fine dining overlooking the lake, Horseshoe Bay Resort offers a combination of upscale and casual options at our Texas Hill Country resort. Our creative culinary team serves up everything from fresh seafood to quick sandwiches and award winning burgers. Relax with cocktails and snacks by the pool, grab a meal on the golf course, pick up Starbucks coffee at the Market, or call in your order and we’ll deliver a meal straight to your room, suite or villa.
For more information, or to make a reservation at one of our dining outlets, please call 877-611-0112.
The Yacht Club at Horseshoe Bay Resort
The Yacht Club at Texas Resort
The Yacht Club of Texas Resort

The Yacht Club

Enjoy sophisticated dining with a chef inspired menu of seafood, steaks and specialty dishes in an elegant atmosphere surrounded by sweeping lake views.
Lantana at Horseshoe Bay Resort
Lantana of Texas Resort
Lantana at Texas Resort


Dine in a refined setting or on our outdoor patio. Enjoy Texas comfort classics with a Hill Country twist, paired with a fantastic wine list.

Waterfront dining room
Waterfront crab legs
Waterfront chandelier

Waterfront Bar & Grill

Dine along Lake LBJ! Our newest restaurant offers fresh seafood and cold beverages with amazing waterfront views.

Café Del Sol at Horseshoe Bay Resort
Café Del Sol of Horseshoe Bay Resort
Café Del Sol of Texas Resort

Café Del Sol

Relax, soak up some Texas sunshine and enjoy a menu of tasty appetizers, kids snacks, sandwiches, and cocktails served poolside at our Resort Tower.
Slick Rock Grill & Bar at Horseshoe Bay Resort
Slick Rock Grill & Bar of Texas Resort
Slick Rock Grill & Bar at Texas Resort

Slick Rock Grill & Bar

Wake up to breakfast or try one of the legendary hamburgers at this casual clubhouse just steps from the scenic 12th fairway at Slick Rock Golf Course.
Market Fresh at Texas Resort
Market Fresh of Horseshoe Bay Resort
Market Fresh of Texas Resort

Market Fresh

Order from a creative menu of hand-crafted pizzas, pressed sandwiches and a variety of breakfast options, conveniently delivered right to your door.
Bayside Spa & Fitness at Horseshoe Bay Resort
Bayside Spa & Fitness of Texas Resort
Bayside Spa & Fitness at Texas Resort

Bayside Spa & Fitness

Complement your time at the spa with a menu of healthy appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and beverages enhanced by stunning views of the lake.
Whitewater 360 Sports Club of Horseshoe Bay Resort
Whitewater 360 Sports Club of Horseshoe Bay Resort, Texas
Whitewater 360 Sports Club of Horseshoe Bay Resort

Whitewater 360 Sports Club

Whitewater 360 Sports Club is located at the Towers next to Whitewater Bermuda grass putting course. It offers hand-crafted cocktails, cold bottled beers and quick serve signature bar style food selections.
Book The HorseShoe Bay Resort Now
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Can You Say VRBO Super Sales!


Get away now, choose a location on the map and Everything is on Sale Now! $100 per night or less!

Lake, Beach, Mountain, River Rental Homes

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What Is VRBO and How Does It Work?

VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner.  It’s a website where you can book a stay at a property that the owner or manager is not personally using at the moment, and has instead made available for rent. 
If you have a property like that, then you can also use
VRBO to advertise it and let other VRBO users rent it.

Similar to it’s competitors and, think of it as an alternative to booking a hotel when you’re going away on vacation.  Instead, you can stay in an apartment, cottage, townhouse, condominium, or other type of property that someone is willing to rent out. 

You may be able to find a place closer to where you’re going to be conducting your activities, or that has amenities that a local hotel doesn’t!


Like Airbnb, anyone can become post a listing on Vrbo, and the site offers a range of rental types including houses, apartments, castles, tree houses, and more. However, unlike Airbnb, you can only rent entire homes on Vrbo, which means it has fewer rentals than Airbnb. (On Vrbo’s website, it boasts that it has over 2 million rentals worldwide, compared to Airbnb’s 4 million.) 

Rather than listing smaller spaces like single rooms, Vrbo only lists larger spaces — whole houses, condos, or apartments that customers will have to themselves, rather than sharing with the homeowner or other guests. In fact, “don’t share” became a marketing point in a 2016 ad about Airbnb vs. HomeAway (Vrbo’s parent company).


So while Vrbo offers fewer rentals, users can rest assured that the space they find will be completely theirs.


Cool Places -VRBO- to Visit Now

Hope this saves time friends, if you can’t drive don’t forget about


Enjoy, Chris






Between ski gear rentals and lift tickets, dinners  and snacks at the lodge, ski trips can add up fast. It can be tough to find bargains for lessons or free slopeside beverages and hot chocolate, I can help you find affordable lodging on or near some great  US ski resorts with great prices on lifts – day or group passes.


You can do very well with VRBO but we’ve found  renting a winter vacation home from TripAdvisor  can turn your entire getaway into a budget-friendly ski trip. Take advantage of the full kitchen and pack a lunch before you hit the slopes, or host happy hour at your place instead of heading to the lodge. We’re not just talking extra space and full-size appliances,  they seem to keep an eye out for amenities like hot tubs, free WiFi and drying rooms designed for ski equipment.

After taking several trips myself and doing a little homework, here are some alternative ski spots  with great local resorts and affordable rental homes. 

You can seriously cut costs per person, per night by planning group ski trips to these destinations. Round up your friends and family dig out your gear, and visit these 10 ultra-affordable getaway destinations for big thrills and even bigger savings.

AVG Weekly Rate reflects the average cost for a weeklong stay in a two-bedroom TripAdvisor rental property during Winter 2017.





What Reviewers Are Saying: “I’ve been skiing on this mountain for 15 years and still look forward to any opportunity I get to come back. It has the best snow in the Southeast, with a snowmaking system that would cover a mountain triple its size.”

When Appalachian opened in 1962, the original resort featured three slopes and a quaint Bavarian-style lodge. Today, the ski area has nearly quadrupled in size to provide visitors with 12 slopes and a 46,000-square-foot lodge (complete with a restaurant and an observation deck). The only thing more impressive than all that growth? Appalachian’s current snowmaking capacity.

In prime conditions, the resort converts six million gallons of water into snow each day—which helps to explain how this North Carolina ski spot extends the season well into March. Winter rentals in Blowing Rock average just $960 per week for a two-bedroom property.

See all rentals in Blowing Rock, NC!







What Reviewers Are Saying: “We are quite pleased with this ski resort. Our children have the time of their lives and find it more fun the more we go. The lodge has a screened-in heated deck that faces the slopes, so it’s easy to relax and watch my boys ski.”

As North Carolina’s first ski slope, Cataloochee has a long history of bringing fresh powder and memorable verticals to skiers and snowboarders all over the Southeast. Thanks to a decade of capital improvements—including extensive recent updates to their snowmaking process—this ski area is equipped to crank out the flurries for years to come.

Keep an eye out for special rates and group deals on 2017 ski trips. Winter rentals in Maggie Valley average just $1,008 per week for a two-bedroom property.

See all rentals in Maggie Valley, NC!




What Reviewers Are Saying: “Whether it’s to snowboard, ski, hike or escape the summer heat, Beech is the best.

We’ve split our time between Beech Mountain and the Charlotte area for the last 35 years. Home rentals here are surprisingly affordable, and the views are breathtaking.”

Beech Mountain is “Eastern America’s Highest Town” at 5,506 feet, but that’s not the resort area’s only claim to fame. It’s also home to one of the only American breweries owned by a ski area, so you can kick back with a well-crafted pint after a long day on the slopes.

This season, Beech is slated to unveil a new-and-improved terrain park that will increase the resort’s skiable acreage. Not a fan of ski trips? Lace up your skates and hit the 7,000-square-foot outdoor ice rink instead. Winter rentals in the town of Beech Mountain average just $1,094 per week for a two-bedroom property.

See all rentals in the town of Beech Mountain, NC!







What Reviewers Are Saying: “We’ve had nothing but great experiences at Shawnee. My kids had never been skiing. They took the beginner lesson, and all four of them learned to ski and were doing blue runs by the second day. I love the family environment here.”

With 23 slopes and trails spread out across 125 acres, there’s plenty of room to ski at Shawnee Mountain.

The two terrain parks—one for experienced riders and one for jibbing practice—are definitely a highlight. Located in the scenic town of East Stroudsburg, this Poconos Mountain resort is open from early December through late March and is known for its aggressive snowmaking and careful grooming. 

Winter rentals across the whole Poconos Mountains Region average just $1,102 per week for a two-bedroom property, so East Stroudsburg makes for an affordable home base for your Shawnee skiing adventure.

See all rentals in East Stroudsburg, PA!





What Reviewers Are Saying: “We had a wonderful time. Our rental was absolutely beautiful, extremely comfortable, clean and very roomy. As avid skiers, the best part was the true ski in ski out experience. I highly recommend staying here.”

With a top-notch terrain park, indoor water park and the state’s biggest snow tubing complex, the question at Camelback isn’t what to do—it’s what to do first.

More than a third of the 34 trails (including the challenging “Cliffhanger” run) are earmarked for experts, but this family-friendly resort in the Poconos caters to novice skiers, too; Camelback boasts two beginner slopes with designated lifts.

And if the weather doesn’t cooperate? Snowmaking equipment covers all of the terrain. With winter rentals in the Poconos area averaging just $1,102 per week for a two-bedroom property, a Tannersville is a great lodging option for those interested in Camelback Mountain.

See all rentals in Tannersville, PA!







What Reviewers Are Saying: “For much of the day, it seemed like we were the only ones at the resort. The views are gorgeous, and we loved the tree-lined trails. A weekend spent skiing at Canaan Valley is a great family getaway!”

Davis is an in-demand destination thanks to resorts like Canaan, which boasts 47 slopes and trails. But you don’t need to take the lift to the top to enjoy breathtaking views of the Allegheny Mountains; the resort also offers ice skating, snow tubing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. This summer, they upgraded rental inventory for skiers, boarders and skaters alike.



What Reviewers Are Saying: “Timberline Resort has been a welcome addition to Canaan Valley for many years. We enjoy the ski in ski out condos during the winter season, and during the fall, we find the ski trails to be excellent for hiking.”

Timberline is a classic West Virginia destination for ski trips, and with more than 100 acres of skiable terrain and 31 acres of glade skiing—a recent addition—it’s not hard to see why. While this resort is home to the highest average vertical drop in the South, it’s also known for its top-rated ski school and kid-friendly programs. Winter rentals in Davis average just $1,319 per week for a two-bedroom property.

See all rentals in Davis, WV!





What Reviewers Are Saying: “I rented a house for a group of 12 for a skiing trip, and the property was perfect! The location was great for both skiing Hunter Mountain and exploring downtown. The fireplace made the home extra cozy and kept us all warm.”

Hunter has been called “a smaller mountain with big skiing.” With a vertical of 1,600 feet, this popular spot for upstate ski trips has enough steeps to keep the experts happy. But parents will be pleased to discover that the mountain also offers plenty of kid-focused programming, and reviewers write that instructors at the Learning Center are patient and understanding.

In the market for ski equipment? Visit Hunter Mountain Outfitters, the area’s new outdoor store. If you’re heading to the Catskills for a winter retreat, consider Hunter as your home base. Vacation rentals in the area average just $1,381 per week for a two-bedroom property this winter.

See all rentals in Hunter, NY!








What Reviewers Are Saying: “I have been visiting Windham for a few years now and was very impressed with the quality of the runs this year; the pistes were all immaculately groomed and equally well-thought-out. This is definitely a safe, family-oriented resort.”

With 285 skiable acres, this gem in the Catskills can feel surprisingly uncrowded—even at the height of the season. Located less than three hours from New York City, Windham is offering an expedited rental experience in 2016 to complement recent capital improvements like new trails, advanced snowmaking equipment and updates to the six terrain parks. 

Winter rentals across the whole Catskill Region average just $1,381 per week for a two-bedroom property, and Windham has plenty of stellar cabins to choose from.

See all rentals in Windham, NY!





What Reviewers Are Saying: “Upon going back to Loon this weekend, I remembered why I love it. It’s not as busy as some of the other big New England mountains, yet it has tons of terrain, is well-maintained, and has nice on-and-off mountain facilities.”

Okay, so one New England spot does make our affordable list. From the untouched glades to the steep moguls, this haven in the White Mountain National Forest is known for its accessibility, dependable snowfall and jaw-dropping scenery. (The six terrain parks, Superpipe, snow tubing, snowshoeing, camps and clinics don’t hurt, either.) Located just two hours from Boston, Loon offers 61 trails across 370 acres, making it a popular spot for locals and families planning New England ski trips, without breaking the bank. Winter rentals in Lincoln average just $1,414 per week for a two-bedroom property.

See all rentals in Lincoln, NH!