Broken Bow and Beavers Bend in Oklahoma

 Part of the Choctaw Nation before Oklahoma became a state, Broken Bow was a major part of the Arkansas Territoryin the late 1800s. With no roads and buildings to speak of the area was still heavily populated.  A few post offices at small trading posts along the access trails was it for any type of communication to the rapidly growing outside world.   When the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway were built in 1902,  towns began to pop up everywhere. The terrain of McCurtain county consists of foothills leading to the Ouachita Mountains in the northern part of the county to the rich Red River bottoms of the southern part. It represents the third largest county in the state. This county also contains McCurtain County Wilderness Area, a  14,087 acre tract created in 1918 and managed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. This area is still protected today and a huge tourist pull for nature lovers.

Not a fisherman? No worries, there’s so much more!

Beavers Bend State Park

If you are a lover of the great outdoors,  In fact I looked in Webster’s under “Great Outdoors” and it said “Beavers Bend” Well it should. Canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, paddleboats, mini golf, bumper cars, climbing, swimming on a real beach. So many activities you’ll find in the area. Its one of Oklahoma’s most cherished treasures known by tourists and locals alike, and with good reason.  Pine tress shadow the roads and trails, with access to tennis, volleyball, picnic areas, miles and miles of hiking trails at any level and a massive crystal-clear lake. All are accessible within the park. Nearby grocery stores, restaurants, gift shops, an amphitheater and perhaps even a glimpse of BigFoot.

Everyone is welcome here, even our small furry friends

Glover River

An untamed river runs through most of Broken Bow and Beavers Bend, no dams block its course. It can get a bit dicey for unexperienced kayakers it just doesn’t seem to scare anyone off.  The Glover river starts its trek in the southwest corner of the Kiamichi Mountains, and runs parallel with Hwy 259 until it flows into the Little River, and turns off to the east. When the river is low, rocks, logs, and low falls make for a difficult float, and when the river is up, the journey is very dangerous. Same can be said for all rivers.

Broken Bow Lake

On the top side of the damm nine miles northeast of Broken Bow you’ll find one of the best attractions,  Broken Bow Lake. Its  incredibly scenic and its in close proximity to Beavers Bend State Park. Like Beaver Bend’s activities it also includes scuba diving, and plenty of places to relax. This lake has 180 miles of shoreline tucked away in in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. The bass fishing is excellent and its loaded with small islands to spend the day, picnic or explore.

Mountain Fork River

Our favorite place in Beavers Bend is the lower portion of this river which offers twelve miles of year-round trout fishing, the bottom of the damm has brought us great luck for the rainbows. Those who don’t fish love to tube, kyyak, canoe down stream or spend the day swimming at the beach.  There are also about five miles of the Lower Mountain Fork River with  boat access points within Beavers Bend State Park.

Cedar Greek Golf Course

Here’s what you’ll find at Cedar Creek.  18-holes of a supreme 5 star golf course surrounded by acres of gorgeous, pristine woodlands. The holes themselves were carved out of the wilds, so you’ll feel as if you’re playing golf while strolling through the woods. 

Recommended to Eat or Grab a Drink

Fish Tales Winery and Vineyard

Beaver’s Bend Brewery

Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Tap Room

Steven’s Gap Restaurant

Abendigo’s Grill & Patio

Adam & Eve’s

Shady Oaks – American Grill

Hoochatown Saloon

Most of the Gas Stations Have Clean Little Deli and Fried Chicken Shops


There are a Few Hotels In The Area but why would you check in with so many beautiful state of the art cabin homes scattered throughout Broken Bow or inside of Beavers Bend Park. They can sleep 2 up to 30. These cabins are priced less than Hotel rooms in the big cities. Take a peek…





The only hotel I can  personally recommend is the Hoochatown Inn. It sits on why 259 directly in front of the entrance of Beavers Bend State Park. With a a quant log cabin feel, clean beds, clean sheets and bathrooms. It also has a nice pool.  Another nice feature is it sit in the middle of everything, restaurants, shops, grocery and gas stations.  All for about $99  per nights stay.


Also if you don’t mind a 15 minute ride from Beavers Bend and require a very nice hotel. Perhaps The Choctaw Hotel & Casino is a perfect even if you are not a gambler. They also feature great breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. $119 per nights stay.

Hoochatown Lodge Inquire and Reserve Here

Choctaw Hotel & Casino. Inquire or Reserve Here

Other Hotels In Broken Bow – Inquire and Reserve Here

Can’t Wait to Eat You, I Mean See You!    BF

Hope these tips add to the fun.

Happy Travels!    Chris



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