Honey I Lost The Kids!


What a horrible thing to hear or say, but it happens to many families on vacations, holiday getaways, beaches, airports, amusement parks or anywhere we take our small ones where there are big crowds. Its just so easy for the little ones to get away. My wife and I have experienced this several times during our kid’s childhoods. I would never wish this on anyone, the sheer horror and helplessness one feels is undescribable. We are now grandparents and worry about the grandkids when we all
travel together.

After researching hundreds of products about keeping the kids safe, and they wouldn’t loose it, we came across a great option that  would actually stay on them..


Not only can you keep track of them with a smart phone, you can talk to them and they can take pictures and show you where they are. What an absolute perfect safety device when the unimaginable occurs

We found the best price at Amazon and bought six of them for the grandkids! You must read the instructions  they will need to sync with your smart phones. I see in some of the reviews some folks are having trouble thinking they just work out of the box. We give this product 5 Stars!  A must have for any parent whether you are on that vacation of a lifetime, shopping, picnic, on the way to school, or anywhere.

Have Some Peace Of Mind  Pick One UP Now  at   AMAZON

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