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Dolphins often seem to want to befriend us – do they know something we don’t?

Why do dolphins seem to actively seek out interactions or encounters with humans? Are they trying to tell us something? Do they think we have something in common?

Dolphins have ‘human-like’ societies, but are held back by a lack of opposable thumbs, say some scientists


Dolphins live in human-like societies and share similar brain evolution to primates and man, scientist have concluded. A new study which looked at 90 species found a link between brain size and social and cultural traits in marine mammals.

Its the first time that scientists have considered whether the brain functions in dolphins operate and process the same  as humans. The theory suggests that coping with large and complex social groups creates the strong similarities.  Just like humans  dolphins live in tightly-knit social groups, whales as well cooperate with other species, talk to each other and even have regional dialects.

Check out this amazing video of dolphins and whales swimming together

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Dolphins are capable of “highly developed spoken language” which closely resembles human communication, scientists have suggested. 



But researchers at the Karadag Nature Reserve, believe the pulses, clicks and whistles – of up to five “words” – made by dolphins are listened to fully by another before a response is made. 

They also engage in cooperative hunting, and pass on their skills to younger members.

“We know dolphins share with us exceptionally large and anatomically sophisticated brains and, therefore, have created a similar marine based culture.  “That means the apparent co-evolution of brains, social structure, and behavioural richness of marine mammals provides a unique and striking parallel to the large brains and hyper-sociality of humans and other primates on land.  “Unfortunately they won’t even mimic our great metropolisis and technologies because they didn’t evolve opposable thumbs.”

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When you think of these beautiful creatures you usually tend to put them into a vacation mode or setting. We have discovered an amazing company of animal lovers that have placed locations around the globe where you can interact and swim with dolphins on a weekend trip or a last minute getaway. This is truly an all age experience. 




Dolphin Discovery Group was founded in 1994 with the big dream of creating a unique interactive program with dolphins that’ll allow our visitors to have a closer experience with the magnificent marine mammal. Some years later, we started offering the interactive swimming with sea lions and manatees program, that way our guests could complement their once in a lifetime Dolphin Discovery experience.



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