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Hostelworld is mostly used by young budget travelers and backpackers who are on a shoestring budget, while is mostly used by the general public, capturing a larger age group from young travelers to more professional one.

Age, budget, and general demographic is not a major concern, but this definitely matters and it should be something that you should consider when choosing a property.


Hostelworld   is a leading brand for millennials and other budget – conscious travelers seeking adventure and a social travel experience. Hostelworld is the world’s leading hostel-focused online booking platform. Hostelworld travelers are a unique, passionate breed; they want to see the world, make new connections and crave the adrenaline of new adventures.

What is a hostel?

Even if you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, you probably know that hostels are a type of shared accommodation that helps your travel budget go further. But what you may not know is that the uniquely social nature of hostelling will transform your trip.

We think this quote from travel blogger @glographics sums up the hostelling experience rather nicely:

“With a hostel, you get to pay half the price for twice the fun.” ?

If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, allow us to debunk some crazy myths and answer all the questions you might have around what is a hostel. Here’s everything you need to know about hostelling and hostel life. Buckle up, because your travels will never be the same again…

No two hostels are alike, but we can promise you one thing: it will never be dull. So what is a hostel?

In a nutshell, a hostel is a budget-friendly type of accommodation that focuses on a shared social experience. Check out the video below for a more in-depth introduction:

What is Hostelworld?

How to use Hostelworld

Booking Process of Hostelworld

Best Price Guarantee

How to cancel your booking?

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Around 36,000 properties

170 countries

Over 10 million verified guest reviews

Hostelworld accepts


Reserve a Hostel with  HostelWorld  Here

Best Price Guarantee

Did you know that Hostelworld has a best price guarantee? So even if you find a cheaper price on a different website, you can still book for that price with Hostelworld.

Best Price Guarantee
If you find a booking cheaper on any other website, we’ll refund you the difference.

To avoid no-show or late cancellation charge, you may cancel your reservation with Hostelworld at least 24 hours ahead of your arrival date, unless otherwise stated by your chosen property.

To cancel your booking, you would need to log into your Hostelworld account, find your booking and click on “cancel”.

 Users are usually younger (and on a smaller budget)

The main difference between Hostelworld and might be the age and type of users – and therefore the reviews and ratings.


Hostelworld travellers are a unique, passionate breed; they want to see the world, make new connections and crave the adrenaline of new adventures. They want to Meet The World, and it’s the social nature of hostels that turbo-charges their journeys and creates unforgettable memories.

Fifty-one per cent of hostel travellers say that the most important factor in a great trip is meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Hostelworld aims to ignite those social travel experiences through superior booking options and a mobile app that helps travellers make the most of their journeys. Forty-five per cent of Hostelworld travellers use the app while on a trip.

Hostelworld has more than 11.5 million reviews across 16,500 hostel properties in more than 179 countries, making the brand the leading online hub for social travel. The website and mobile app operates in 19 different languages.

Reserve a Hostel with  HostelWorld  Here

One of the best things about hostelling is that you get to meet people so many different kinds of people from all over the world. You never know who you’ll meet while staying in a hostel, which adds an element of excitement that’s hard to get if you’re holed up on your own in a hotel room.

The Farm Hostel in Bali ? @deniselanai

“You never know who you’re going to end up sharing a beer with – I’ve met people cycling from Chile to Alaska, a dude who survived a crocodile attack, a professional touring clown, an 80 year old born again backpacker. I’ve hung out with metal bands, sports teams, politicians, and ex-soap actors. Hostelling gives you a chance to meet people you’d never encounter in your day-to-day life. It’s what makes it unique, and it’s why it’s always my top choice when I travel.”

Away With The Fairies Backpackers in South Africa

Once Again Hostel In Bangkok

If you haven’t seen any pictures of hostels recently, prepare to be amazed. In terms of facilities, many hostels have everything you would expect from hotels and much more besides. You should always read each hostel’s description carefully on our website before you book, but here are some of the facilities you can expect to find at most hostels…Luxurious beds

Lisbon Calling Hostel

Think private rooms with velvet headboards; dorms with “pod beds” which offer privacy on a budget; bunk beds with double mattresses. You can expect nice sheets, pillows and a duvet – and no, you don’t need to bring a sleeping bag. Unless that’s your thing.


Casa Elemento In Columbia

So. Many. Hammocks. These are pretty much mandatory, and can range from regular chill out hammocks to XXL swinging hammocks with views of the Colombian jungle.

Laundry Facilities

Most hostels will offer daily housekeeping, laundry facilities and maybe even a few encouraging words. It may be boring, but you’ll be grateful for somewhere to wash your clothes and regroup before heading out on the next leg of your adventure. There’s also the option of washing all your clothes in a tiny bathroom sink whenever the stench starts to scare off other travellers…

Swimming Pools

what is a hostel / freehand miamiFreehand Miami


Many hostels have swimming pools, and they are the perfect place to relax and make friends. Some even host events such as mermaid pool parties. Yes, that is a thing!

Austin Texas

Hostels come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s just a question of always reading the reviews from fellow travellers before you book to find one that will suit your travel style. Many hostels offer the best of both worlds: A crazy wild bar and an indoor wigwam with Netflix on repeat. A huge cook up in the communal kitchen and chill time in the library.

San Diago

EVERYWHERE. The amazing thing about hostels is that you can stay at the heart of some of the world’s most exciting cities; in an exotic paradises with its own private beach; or even under the majesty of the Northern Lights – all on a backpacker’s budget. Check out the location ratings for each hostel on our site to make sure you pick the neighborhood that’s right for you.

As a general rule of thumb, hostels cost much less than other types of accommodation, because you’re sharing your space with other travellers. Even if you opt to stay in a private room, hostels can still save you money both on the basic price of the room as well as all the added extras such as events, communal kitchen, and free wifi.

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