Mini Vacation Hideaway In Sooner Country Inexpensive and Beautiful

Romantically hidden in the southwest corner of Oklahoma you just may stumble upon the tiny little cobblestone town of Medicine Park.


In 1908 the founder John William Elmer came across a huge deposit of cobblestones at the base of Mount Scott and the plains that surrounded the area.

He purchased the land and immediately began construction, for years it was known as (Medicine Park Resort and Health Spa.)  He came up with the name due to the nearby Medicine Creek which the Plains Indians told him the water had magical healing powers.

Instead of attracting the social elite it became famous for being a vacation retreat for outlaws, miscreants and bootleggers. (after all it was the roaring 20s)  Eventually a strange mix began to occur, President Roosevelt, Al Capone, Will Rogers, Bonnie and Clyde, Jack Abernathy and Pretty Boy Floyd were said to all be visiting at the same time.

In 1926 Elmer was elected to the State Senate, he then sold the park. With the arrival of The Great Depression the entire area became a  ghost town until 1986.  The town was in great disarray but still held it’s original charm. Students from OU and the Associationfor South Central Oklahoma Governments won a grant that allowed them to begin restoration on this beautiful little vacation getaway. Today all the original cabins have been restored and the name of each of them have stayed the same. In the summer months crowds flock to the beautiful natural swimming areas, and shops, unique dining establishments and yes, a bit of a nightlife.

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The winter months hold a completely different type of charm, smoking chimneys, camp fires everywhere, specialty coffees, and some of the best rainbow trout fishing you have ever seen.

 Every Tuesday from November 1st thru March 31st the Parks and Recreation Dept stocks the park. We can say from experience if you wait 24 after the stock it provides a wonderful experience for the entire family. Here are a few winter photos.


The cabins on the water range from $90 to $190 year round and on the hill  a bit more because of their size. 

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