Post Vacation Depression Its Real!

If you’ve ever planned a wedding for yourself or the kids you know the joy and excitement that builds up during the year before the big day. After reserving the church date, booking the reception venue, hiring the photographer/videography, choosing the cake, finding a dress, ordering the cake, choosing the wedding party, hiring a band /DJ, selecting invitations, and so much more…..

The Big Day Finally Arrives!

For most of us wedding day although beautiful and wonderful seems to pass by in what seems like seconds.

Sound Familiar

After the decompressing phase Sunday or the next day, most of us not going on the Honeymoon are left behind in a saddened or depressed state not knowing what to do after all the build up and absolute wonderful craziness during the months and months of planning.

Sound Familiar

The same can be said for returning from that wonderful Dream Vacation


The Planning the Excitement the choosing the right hotel or resort, are we flying, do we need a rental car, do I need new clothes, should I start working out or start tanning etc… Then it what seems to be in a flash it’s all over.

Sound Familiar

Seems crazy but we’ve all been there. Travel is transformative. After returning you tend to feel like a different person, it’s just the people and place you come back to are the same. It’s a strange feeling to go from a high to a low in what seems like seconds. Some of us even start going through this a few days before we even get back.

So what to do if this happens to you

Spend some time relaxing instead of immediately diving into real life. Don’t even unpack the suitcase if that feels too straining, just *breathe in* , *breathe out” catch up on the tube. Maybe upload those wonderful photos you took and make an album to show all the jealous friends your about to have. Working out always helps. don’t go grocery shopping for a few days, go out to eat. Visit friends at their house. Do anything, eventually you’ll get back to normal.

Hope this helps!

Please add any tips you may have, we would love to hear them


“lets laugh a little together in lower case”

a guy sits at a bar in a skyscraper restaurant high above the city. he slams a shot of tequila, goes over to the window and jumps out. the guy sitting next to him can’t believe what he just saw.  he’s more surprised when, 10 minutes later, the same guy walks back into the bar and sits down next to him. the astonished onlooker asks, “how did you do that? i just saw you jump out the window, and we’re hundreds of feet above the ground!”

the jumper responds by slurring, “well, i don’t get it either. i slam a shot of tequila, and when I jump out the window, the tequila makes me slow down right before I hit the ground. watch.” he takes a shot, goes to the window and jumps out.

the other guy runs to the window and watches as the guy falls to just above the sidewalk, slows down and lands softly on his feet. a few minutes later, the jumper walks back into the bar.

the other guy has to try it, too, so he orders a shot of tequila. he slams it and jumps out the window. as he reaches the bottom, he doesn’t slow down at all. splat!

the first guy orders another shot of tequila and gives the bartender his credit card, the bartender shakes his head looking down at the credit card and says. “mr clark kent you’re really  a**hole.”

Happy Travels!











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