Oklahoma City Is Becoming A Major Vacation Destination


Whether you want to train like an Olympian or just have some fun, the Boathouse District along the Oklahoma River is a hotspot for outdoor recreation.

Located within walking distance of the Bricktown Entertainment District, it’s the official U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site for rowing and canoe/kayak and hosts numerous regattas throughout the year.

Get on the Water with a RIVERSPORT Adventure Pass

This day pass allows you to sample all the activities offered at the Boathouse District, including canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and more.

The Boathouse District also offers more than 13 miles of paved trails for running, walking or cycling for those who prefer to stay on land.

Enjoy an Aquatic Adventure at the RIVERSPORT Rapids

OKC’s state-of-the-art whitewater rafting and kayaking facility offers both family fun and elite athlete training.

Lower flow channels offer great family rafting and kayaking experiences, and the higher flow channels allow

Olympic whitewater athletes the chance to train in Oklahoma City. No matter your athletic ability, this course is a must-do OKC experience.

Climb to New Heights on the SandRidge Sky Trail


This 80-foot structure is the tallest adventure course of its kind in the world. With six levels of challenges, the higher you climb, the harder it gets!

From the top, you can speed down your choice of four slides or free fall from the Rumble Drop. The Sky Trail also includes the SandRidge Sky Zip.

A 700-foot zip line across the Oklahoma River and back.

Make Sure To Visit Bricktown

San Antonio in Peril, Presenting Bricktown, Oklahoma


Bricktown This is one of the cutest additions to a major city we have ever seen. There is …



Whitewater Rafting

Family Rafting, Ages 8+, 55+ lbs
Big Water Rafting (Class IV), Ages 16+
Extreme Rafting, Ages 18+Experience Class II-IV whitewater rafting in the heart of Oklahoma City at RIVERSPORT Rapids, Oklahoma City’s $45.2 million whitewater rafting and kayaking center. Your adventure starts when you meet your raft guide for the “trip talk.”
You’ll learn what to expect on the water and how to paddle your raft, plus safety information to ensure you have a great experience. Your guide will help you properly fit your helmet and PFD, then it’s off to the raft for your adventure.
A conveyor belt will take you to the top of the rapids where your guide will take you on an exciting, authentic whitewater rafting experience!You’ll have the opportunity to do several runs on the rapids as you experience this “bucket list” adventure.Which pass do you need?
If you want to raft, you’ll need the RIVERSPORT Pass which includes all the activities in RIVERSPORT Rapids, plus all RIVERSPORT land and flatwater activities. The  Xtreme Pass includes everything in the RIVERSPORT Pass, plus express lines, 2 daily raft trips, and exclusive discounts at Big Water Grill and RIVERSPORT Outfitters.Rafting trips are scheduled throughout the day. You can select your raft trip time when you purchase a pass online, or our guest services staff will book you into a raft when you purchase a pass on site.Whitewater rafting, tubing, river boarding and kayaking are available for people ages 8+ and all participants must properly fit in a lifejacket
(PFD).Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure!

Sky Trail


The SandRidge Sky Trail is the tallest adventure course of its kind in the world! The 80-foot structure features six levels of challenges that increase in difficulty the higher you climb. Your safety harness is secure, so you are free to take it to the next level. Like a playground in the sky, the challenges include rope bridges, balance beams, zig-zag elements and more.

When you get to the top, go down the high-speed 72-foot Sky Slide,

jump from the 80-foot Rumble Drop free fall experience,

or soar across the Oklahoma River on the SandRidge Sky Zip.

Not ready for this much adrenaline? No worries. Just walk back down the stairs to exit the structure.

Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure! Weight requirement: 40 lbs. minimum, 300 lbs. maximum. Height requirement for the SandRidge Sky Trail: 48″, unless accompanied by an adult.

Surf OKC

Opening  August 2020!
Surf OKC is Presented by Lopez FoodsGet ready to surf – coming Summer 2020 to RIVERSPORT in the Boathouse District! Grab a board and catch a wave on Surf OKC opening in August.
With endless waves and a trampoline-like surface, this experience is perfect for all skill levels. Advanced riders can drop in, carve turns, and perform maneuvers to show off their skills.
Grab a whole summer of surfing along with adventures and rafting with a RIVERSPORT or Xtreme Season Pass – surfing is included with both passes.Surfing is also included in RIVERSPORT and Xtreme Day Passes.
Check out the options available online.Only interested in surfing? A Surf OKC Day Pass is $19.99 and can be purchased on site at Guest Services.Be sure to check out more info here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure!Height requirement: 42″ minimum.

SandRidge Sky Zip


Soar through the air on the SandRidge Sky Zip! Start from the top of the 80-foot tall SandRidge Sky Trail and zip 700-feet across the Oklahoma River – and back again! 

Kids and adults alike will find high flying adventure like no other as they step off the platform and rush through the air on this thrilling experience. Come early – zips are popular and sell out on busy days.

Please note –  all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure! Weight requirement: 275 lbs. maximum. Height requirement: 48″ minimum.

SandRidge Sky Zip FAQs

Flatwater Kayaking

OKC RIVERSPORT offers great kayaking experiences in Oklahoma City for both youth and adults. With RIVERSPORT you’ll have access to some of the best water in the OKC metro including downtown on the Oklahoma River, at Lake Overholser, and at Lake Hefner.Kayaking is included in your day or season pass, or you can rent a kayak by the hour. Kayaks are available in the Boathouse District at the RIVERSPORT Adventure Park, at the Lake Overholser Boathouse, and at the Lake Hefner Boathouse.Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced paddler, you’ll find lessons, programs and paddle experiences at all three locations to get you involved!
OKC RIVERSPORT offers stand up paddle boarding opportunities for anyone ages 5+. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is fun for the whole family and a great way to get out on the water! One of the fastest growing sports in the country, SUP is a full body workout that can be as challenging – or as easy – as you make it.Standing on a wide “surf” board, you’ll use a long, angled paddle to leisurely move through the water, or pick up the pace and race your friends. Ages 8+ can paddle solo, while ages 5+ can SUP with an adult.
SUP is included in the RIVERSPORT day and season passes, or you can rent a board by the hour. All participants are required to wear a PFD which is provided…unless you’re a “puppy participant.”
Bring your pup along, but be sure to bring your own doggy PFD (required).SUP is available in the Boathouse District and via RIVERSPORT Flat Tide at Lake Overholser and Lake Hefner.Get out on the water for an experience you won’t forget!

Love’s Tubing@2p

Experience RIVERSPORT Rapids in a whole new way – tube down the rapids for a splashing good time. It’s fun and so easy, kids and adults alike enjoy the experience. Like our other adventures, we provide everything you’ll need including the board and PFD (life jacket).

Love’s Tubing@2p happens daily…and lasts all afternoon! It’s a great way to get wet this summer and with your season pass, you can come every day.

Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure!

Whitewater Kayaking

Experience whitewater kayaking at RIVERSPORT Rapids, Oklahoma City’s whitewater rafting and kayaking center! Are you interested in learning how to whitewater kayak? Try one of our lessons to gain the knowledge and skill you need to succeed on your own. Discover Whitewater Kayaking lessons start you off with the basics of a whitewater kayak.
Our Group Roll lessons teach you an important skill of whitewater kayaking – how to perform a kayak roll.  Would you like to learn to whitewater kayak on your own schedule? Private Whitewater Kayaking Lessons may be right for you! Do you own your own whitewater gear and have the skill to whitewater kayak class II-IV rapids? Purchase a Whitewater Kayaking Pass to get on the water and enjoy the thrills that RIVERSPORT Rapids has to offer!

High Speed Slides


Experience the tallest dry slide complex in the United States! RIVERSPORT Adventures offers two 72-foot tall spiral slides, the Sky Slalom and new Sky Luge that will have you racing up to 22 miles per hour before you get to the bottom.  Or grab a friend and race on the tandem 30-foot Sky Dive racer slides.

Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure! Weight requirement: 300 lbs. maximum. Height requirement: 44″ minimum.

Inflatable Adventures


Get ready for even more fun with RIVERSPORT’s new inflatable adventures. Splash your way down inflated water slides & slip n’ slides, zoom down the small zip line into the inflatable barrier, then try out the inflatable Ninja Warrior Course!
RIVERSPORT’s inflatables are included in your RIVERSPORT season and day passes, or purchase an all day Inflatables Pass for just $19.99.Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure!

Youth Zone


The Youth Zone is made possible by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma. Passes are $9.99 and can be purchased from Guest Services; they are not available online.

RIVERSPORT’s Youth Zone offers family fun for all ages! The Sky Tykes adventure course is a scaled-down version of the SandRidge Sky Trail. Parents can comfortably walk with a child as they experience the challenges just a few feet off the ground and are always safely harnessed in – just like the big kids! Height requirement: 48″ maximum.

The Cloud Bounce is a 48-foot inflatable pillow offering bouncing fun for all ages. Take off your shoes, empty your pockets and get the whole family in on the fun. Weight requirement: 250 lb. maximum.

The Youth Zone pass also allows youth ages 5+ to kayak with an adult as long as all safety requirements are met.

Ready to catch a little air? The Kids Zip is a miniature zip line just right for the younger set – and we’ve caught a few adults taking a ride down this mini adventure. 

Take it to an even higher level with the Extreme Air Jumper,  a bungee activity that allows participants to jump and flip up to 20 feet in the air. 

Kids can also enjoy all the fun of the free playground, including the NEOS 360 Interactive Play Station.

Make plans now to celebrate a birthday party, play date or family outing in RIVERSPORT’s new Youth Zone.

Extreme Jumping


Ready to catch some air? RIVERSPORT Adventures offers several extreme jumping options.

Try out the Extreme Air Jumper – you’re in a harness that allows you to jump and flip up to 20 feet in the air. Then harness up to check out the bungee trampolines next to the climbing wall. Take basketball to new heights with Jump Shot, where you can jump on a trampoline for high-flying hoops! And for the ultimate extreme jumping experience, climb to the top of the SandRidge Sky Trail

and jump from the 80-foot platform for a rush you’ll long remember.Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure! Extreme Air Jumper weight requirements: 45 lbs. minimum, 250 lbs. maximum.

Climbing Walls


It’s time to climb! RIVERSPORT Adventures offers a freestanding climbing wall suitable for youth and adults, plus a smaller climbing wall for younger kids. All climbing is done in a secure harness with staff supervision.

Please note – all adventures require secure footwear; no flip-flops or sandals without a back strap are allowed. You’ll find more important information here to ensure you have a great RIVERSPORT Adventure! Height requirement: 42″. Weight requirement: 40 lbs. minimum, 250 lbs. maximum.

Dragon Boating

Dragon boating is the world’s fastest growing water sport, and OKC RIVERSPORT offers many ways for you to try it! Schedule a private dragon boat excursion for your group, race competitively in our dragon boat league, or try our “Challenge the Dragon” team building experience.You’ll meet the dragon boat steerer at the dock to start your experience.
After putting on a PFD, you’ll learn the basic paddle stroke on land, then move to the dragon boat for your Adventure experience. Each paddler is seated on a wooden bench with two paddlers per seat. A drummer keeps time as your dragon boat steerer gives the command to paddle. You’ll be out on the water in no time!Dragon boat rentals are $125 per hour for a 10-person dragon boat and $225 per hour for a 20-person dragon boat. Each rental includes a steerer who will facilitate the group on the water. On-land instruction as well as on-water dragon boating are both included in the one hour rental.Questions? Email us or call (405) 552-4040.Weight requirements for dragon boating: 300 lbs. maximum.

And For An Ultimate Thrill 

Dive off the ZipLine Platform onto a Hollywood Stuntman Dive Bag

Or Watch a Movie on Float Night

The Big Water Grill

Enjoy a great meal at Big Water Grill located inside RIVERSPORT Rapids! This fast casual restaurant features Grab & Go salads, sandwiches & snacks, made-to-order favorites like burgers and tacos, and delicious cookies. It’s everything you need to get you fueled up for your whitewater rafting or kayaking adventure. * Menu subject to change 

Outfitter’s Shop

Your visit to RIVERSPORT Rapids isn’t complete until you stop by the Outfitter’s Shop in the McClendon Whitewater Center. You’ll find cool t’s and shirts, hats in a variety of styles, and all the things you thought you packed but didn’t – water bottle, Croakie’s to keep your sunglasses on, towels, and, of course, sunscreen. You’ll also find NRS whitewater gear, Nectar sunglasses, LevelSix apparel, Chaco shoes and bracelets, Sportiqe wearables and more! The Outfitter’s Shop is an authorized Onewheel dealer and can take orders for them.Check out all the new merchandise including new jewelry, great shirts, water shoes and more!

Favorite Hotels

Ok, after a few hours of research back home, for a hotel, we choose the Residence Inn by Marriott. This became our final choice due to it’s location. It sits on the North banks of the canal in the garden district.   Walk out the front door and your on your way to an afternoon of discovery. Unlike the San Antonio riverwalk where most hotels are directly on the water Bricktown is a bit different due to the fact the canals were built after the buildings were constructed. Its not an issue, you can get to the canals in just a few steps from anywhere, we just liked the idea of being on the waters edge.  We paid $122 per night and couldn’t be happier. Clean, Upbeat Decor, Pool and Hot tub on the banks of the canal and very plesant staff throughout the establishment.

The Residence Inn by Marriott. –  Bricktown Oklahoma

Marriott         Find The Latest Deals To The Residence Inn Here


Here are two more  Hotels we can recommend personally!

Great for families

Reserve – The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City – Here

1 Park Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73102, United States, 866-925-7881


Great Restaurant Options In Bricktown

Kitchen No 324
Kitchen No 324. (405) 763-5911  324 N Robinson Ave 

CBD “ coffee or tea but I plan to next time. We also had their buttermilk pie and it was very good. The atmosphere is one of my favorite things about this…”read more


Bricktown Brewery

Bricktown Brewery  (405) 232-2739. 1 N Oklahoma Ave 

Bricktown“ was the first time I had ever had hand-crafted beer, and it was delicious. I would like to preface this by saying that my wife and I are not big fans of Chain Restaurants. So, naturally…”read more


Bricktown Brewery

Bricktown Brewery  (405) 594-8700. 5516 West Memorial Rd

“We have eaten here three times now and haven’t had a bad experience yet. The wait staff is friendly and gets you seated promptly, even when the restaurant is…”read more



Texadelphia. (405) 208-4000. 200 S Oklahoma Ave

“1st time to try Texadelphia and was easy to find in Bricktown! Parking was free and got there at 11:30 before the lunch crowd. Ordered the beefsteak nachos and…”read more



Ludivine.  (405) 778-6800. 320 NW 10th St

“This is a cute and casual place for tasty local beer!! We found this place while wondering around the Bricktown area. From the front it looks like a normal…”read more



Charleston’s. (405) 778-8868. 224 Johnny Bench Dr

They have great fried okra and the perfect margarita was d-dang-licious. They had great service, food was great and great location in Bricktown.”read more


Hudsons Public House

Hudsons Public House. (405) 605-4995  27 E Sheridan

 Kasee has been great help to me and has excellent recommendations for beer. If you’re in Bricktown, or OKC for that matter, stop at Hudson’s and enjoy.read more


Jazmo’z Bourbon St Cafe

 Jazmo’z Bourbon St Cafe. (405) 232-6666  100 E California Ave

Quite a surprise, new flavors everywhere

The Loaded Bowl
Fresh and Unique


(405) 600-9718. 1 NW 9th St. Automobile Alley

“This is probably the best fried chicken in town! And my son loved the chicken sandwich, as we were leaving he asked “when can we go back”? The restaurant is…”read more


Empire Slice House
Empire Slice House. (405) 557-1760. 1804 NW 16th St
Could possibly be the best pizza in the entire state!
Whiskey Cake


Whiskey Cake. (405) 582-2253  1845 Northwest Expy

 Let’s talk about the whiskey cake… enough for two to share (At least the piece we got was!), very rich but very tasty and sweet. Let’s just say, the…”read more


Bricktown  so affordable and a perfect vacation or getaway for anyone!

 Make sure you take time and check it out.

Enjoy, Chris

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