Securing Your Home When Taking An Extended Vacation or Holiday

Ok  your flying over the Gulf of Mexico preparing for final approach to Cozumel, quality time with the kids and hubby are finally here.

No-one ever thinks this could happen to them, but it does happen, approximately 2.2 million times in the US  last year alone. When you are traveling there’s nothing you can do. There are some precautions you can take to lessen the risk.  Research has proven at least 66% in your favor.

We gathered some information from the Dallas Crime Prevention Unit and from three of the major home security services.

Install a security system with cameras in front and back of home.  With the advancement in digital technology todays systems are more affordable than you may think.We found it more cost effective to purchase ours rather than lease through a security service. We called ADT and they monitor for fire and break-ins  $12 per month.


2.  Place security sign clearly visible in front and back yard stating there is a monitoring service in place and active. The security companies are happy to provide these, they get free advertising.


3.  Install motion detector adapters in all the exterior overhead lighting around the house’s exterior. Not an expensive upgrade, and you get a discount on most insurance policies for doing this.  We will put all these items in the (Travel Toy Store) section on the homepage.

4.  Have someone take care of the mail every few days and stop any FedX, Ups, Amazon deliveries, or reroute them. If you are one of the few still receiving a daily news paper,  nothing worse than papers all over the yard. Dead giveaway.


5.  Schedule a neighbor or a service to cut the lawn and if trash needs to go out to the curb on a certain day. If you are using a neighbor you trust you may want to give them a key in case of emergency. Many of our neighbors let the police know they will be gone, the police patrol the neighborhood anyway nothing wrong with an extra pair of eyes.


6. We like to turn our water off just in case of a burst.

7.  Replace batteries in all smoke detectors.


8.  Granted, every pet is different, and thats why we love them so much, but think carefully before you leave your little buddy for someone to come once a day and feed him or her. They miss you and act out. If possible have someone you trust come live in the house while you are gone. If that is not an option figure out a way to secure the doggy door, not just the little plastic weather slide that came with it. Most people just point a motiondetector at the doggie door wifi enabled.

9.  Your garage door can be bolted from the inside.

Do you have a sliding back door? Here’s a good option

What about the windows? This is a great quick fix.

 None of these DIYs will break the bank and you will need them again one day.


10.    Jewelry, small electronics, guns, cash, important papers etc… Heavy fire proof safes are always great idea, but we know not everyone has access to these. Walmart sells a fire proof brief case type safe/firebox, get one fill it up and give to a family member. If that is not possible hide in a place like the attic under the insulation or whatever creative place you come up with. We will be listing these items in the vacation must have section on the homepage.


11.  Close all  curtains and blinds. Thieves love to stop by first and look in windows.  Also unplug all non essential electrical items, not only will you save a few dollars you will decrease the possibility of fire.

12. We’re almost out the door.

Make sure to let someone know where you will be staying with contact information, sometimes you may be without cell service. Try to avoid social media, just don’t announce to the world any plans about your departure and make the house a sitting duck.

One never knows. 

We travel all the time and it is my wish that these little tips may help to relieve any stress that may take any pleasure away from your Cozumel trip or wherever you may be traveling to.

13. Now!

Go back in the house and check the windows, is the iron on, is the back door locked , I have 5 kids why are there only 4 in the car,  I better check my suitcase for the makeup bag, Omg where are the airline tickets, honey did you give the key to the neighbors like I asked…

You got this!


Have a great time,  







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