It was named “America’s Scariest Motel” due to its clown theme and proximity to the Old Tonopah Cemetery. Many people are terrified of the Clown Motel.

Tonopah, a historic mining town located between Las Vegas and Reno, was the site of one of the richest booms in the West, which took place on

May 19, 1900.

This historic town began with the discovery of gold and silver.

There are 174.61 miles from Tonopah to Las Vegas

Tonopah, a historic mining town located between Las Vegas and Reno.

Because it’s so far from the bright lights of any major city, Tonopah’s night skies are considered among the best in the country for stargazing.

Tour our Historic Mining Park & visit the Central Nevada Museum.  Go off-roading or visit nearby ghost towns. Shop in unique stores, discover local artists & even pan for gold during our annual Jim Butler Days celebration!

The Clown Motel

Regardless of the actual hauntedness of the motel, the location has been made famous by being a favorite for filming sets including Clown Motel, about a group of young people who find themselves taking refuge in a strange motel in the middle of the desert and unknowingly release an evil clown spirit who wrecks havoc on their stay. 

One bold writer, fascinated by the reports of hauntings and the clowns, decided that he simply had to see what the experience was like. In 2015, Christopher Sebela created a Kickstarter to fund his month-long stay in the Clown Motel. His goal? To experience the supernatural and write a book about it.

The eclectic and haunted history and its pure originality have made the Clown Motel famous, likely behind the wildest dreams of its owners. Have you ever heard of another clown motel in the middle of a Nevada desert? Even if you’re not ready for the big purchase that will make the motel your own, visitors say the trip to Tonopah’s Clown Motel is well worth your time.


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The aptly named Clown Motel in Tonopah is decorated — nay, festooned — with pictures, statues, and books about clowns. And to top it all off, it’s located next to the city’s very first cemetery.

“It’s also called the scariest motel in the U.S.,” said owner Bob Perchetti in a recent interview with Las Vegas Now. The hotel has also been up for sale since July 2017, in case you want to make your dream of becoming a clown-hotel owner a reality.


Offering cheap rates and an endless supply of creepy, the Clown Motel is not a mirror image of lifestyles of the rich and famous.  It actually interests more of a facility that appeals to the odd and quirky.

Some of the clowns at the Clown Motel dangle above most of the beds.  In fact, visiting high school sports teams have been known to cover them with towels to avoid nightmares.

The owner Perchetti opened the motel 20 years ago after he retired from his state tourism job.  Along, with his late business partner, it was Perchetti’s idea to put a collection of family clowns just about everywhere. “He had a house full of clowns, and he decided to bring the clowns up and put them to work. And due to the help of the Internet, the Clown Motel has grown in popularity.  Ghost seekers visit for the thrills, while clown lovers seek it out for the clowns.

The Clown Motel, may actually even be Tonopah’s top draw.  However, for Perchetti, it’s work. As mentioned, the Clown Motel is for sale.

A condition of any historic site sale is that the Clown Motel must keep its heritage.  According to Perchetti, the new owners can upgrade it but don’t lose what the people love.


Mizpah Club

Situated halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, the Mizpah Club is a beautiful casino property featuring the best in gaming, entertainment, food and fun. With its period decor and central Tonopah location, adjacent to the famous Mizpah Hotel, the Mizpah Club epitomizes rough luxury in an authentic old west environ. It is the perfect destination for an exciting getaway and a great place to stop for a brief respite!


Mizpah Hotel

Experience historic elegance and comfort in Nevada’s breathtaking high desert! A treasured destination since 1907, The Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah is better known as the “Jewel of the Desert”. Beautifully renovated by Nancy and Fred Cline in 2011, The Mizpah Hotel takes you back in time, but also offers modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Tonopah Station Casino

The Tonopah Station Hotel, Casino, and RV Park offers you an experience you’ll never forget. Our unique amenities, fantastic rooms, and superior service make us the top pick for Tonopah travelers who want an exceptional vacation experience.


Tonopah Station Hotel

Welcome to the Tonopah Station Hotel, Casino, and RV Park. Our hotel is located in the heart of Central Nevada and provides you with the perfect midway location between Reno and Las Vegas, two of Nevada’s most popular cities.

Lunar Crater Back Country Byway

The Lunar Crater Back Country Byway is 24 miles long. It has been a National Natural Landmark since its designation in 1973. Along this bumpy and unpaved byway, explore a volcanic field complete with cinder cones and basalt flows similar to the findings on the moon.

Lunar Crater Volcanic Field

Nevada has over a dozen volcanic areas, less well known than similar sites in Arizona and California since they are located away from main travel routes, in remote areas of the Great Basin Desert. The best is the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, a zone of volcanism covering over 100 square miles at the southern end of the Pancake Range, and comprising cinder cones, outcrops of lava, elongated fissures, ash hills and, most visibly, the 430 foot deep Lunar Crater – an impressive and rather unexpected site in an otherwise isolated, windswept location. The crater is designated a National Natural Landmark, one of six in Nevada, and is situated 75 miles east of Tonopah near the center of the state. It is geologically termed a ‘maar’, the name given to a shallow, broad crater formed by explosive eruptions close to ground level, usually caused by heating of subterranean water.



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