The story of a boy, a dog and a little known Texas River

A Texas River review


One of Texas’ Best Kept Secrets!

If you are looking for an inexpensive mini vacation or possibly an unforgettable weekend getaway.  Look no further.

Deep in a southwest valley in The Mighty State of Texas at the mouth of the Infamous Big Bend National Park lies the sleepy town of ConCan. Nestled deep in a valley which runs along side of town comes a faint sound of rushing water. You are in God’s country, and you can feel it!

Possibly one of the most beautiful gifts Texas has to offer is about to reveal itself. It’s is possibly the most overlooked gem in The Lone Star State. Prettier than the Llano River, more thrilling than the Guadulupe River , less predictable and relaxing as the Comal River, and so much cleaner than the San Marcus River. We have floated them all and each of them have a personal charm of their own,  but this is The Frio River and it knows.

The Frio is 18ft to 1/2ft at any given time. the bottom is crystal clear, fisherman can be seen pulling 12 to 18 inch sand bass along the shores, there are no dead spots or still waters, of course you can tie off on the low branches provided by the cypress trees to get a break from the hot Texas sun.. The water is a perfect 82 degrees and to add some whipped cream to a cherry which is already laying on a bed of whipped cream, the exit area looks like a water park designed by the lord above which turns into a party of strangers daily that have known each other forever…

This is truly an amazing place! There are many quaint places to stay as well as upper scale offerings but this reporter would much rather find a spot along side the river and be lullabied to sleep by the sounds of the river.

Where could one find such a place?    Easy Answer  -Neils- Its located at the exit area at the end of the float. Hop out of your tube and your home. The best part is if you are staying at Neils the staff has busses that take you to the top with your tube to the river entrance point and you simply float back to your cabin or condo rental. No car needed during your stay.

Here’s a few images

Visit Neils Here

If Neils is booked on your available travel dates we can personally recommend these possibilities. When visiting Con Can Texas you really want to try to avoid the cookie cutter hotel chains to get a true feel for where you are! 

Barnaminium a El Zocalo – 2 Br Home, Utopia


The Leakey Inn by CMD, Leakey


Live Oaks Bed and Breakfast, Uvalde


Hampton Inn Uvalde, Uvalde


Our Favorite Restaurants In Con Can Texas

(830) 232-5459

721 River Rd

“100% worth the trip to Concan to eat at Hippie Chicks, and while you are there you should consider visiting the Frio River. Not the other way around. It…”read more



(830) 232-5813

20970 Hwy 127

“I was skeptical because the prices seemed a little high–matching the prices for a resort restaurant. Both my wife and I had the chicken fried steak. Really…”read more

(830) 232-6580

2 N River Rd

“This place is great! The food and service are great. you won’t regret choosing House Pasture!” read more



Other Things To Do In Con Can, Texas

Go and Enjoy!

This is truly a magical place and one of Texas’ best kept Secrets!



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