Vegas Touts, Bring The Kids / Branson Really Is Kid Friendly


 Branson just because of her location has been attracting visitors for over 100 years Stunning scenery and fresh air seems to bring out the best in everyone. It’s an unexpected amazing vacation or weekend getaway thats  graciously waiting just to satisfy the young and young at heart.


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The first family attraction was The Marvel Cave, because of its limestone walls, most thought it to be marble.  It now sits below Silver Dollar City. In 1885 (Scientific American Magazine) described the cave in great detail and word of this natural wonder spread throughout the continent. Canadian mining expert William Henry Lynch read of the cave, purchased it, moved to the Ozarks with his two daughters and created the first professional attraction.

In 1954 the area gained exposure when Red Foley, a legendary country singer with 38 top ten hits, moved to Springfield, Mo. from Nashville, Tenn. to host “The Ozark Jubilee,”a gigantic hit show in the age of television.

The construction of the Table Rock Dam in 1959 gave this small mountain town the power it needed to become what it is today. Rockaway Beach, located just a few miles east of Branson on the banks of Lake Taneycomo, had long been a playground for America’s rich and famous with movie stars and U.S. presidents among those who retreated to the small resort community. At this point they now could tout bass fishing and water sports. In addition, the cold water from the bottom of Table Rock Lake was producing one of the largest population of rainbow trout as it flowed into the cold deep Taneycomo River (Which is referred to as Taneycomo Lake today)

On December 8, 1991, the popular “60 Minutes” TV program proclaimed Branson the “live music capital of the entire universe.” Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Branson not only saw tremendous growth in the number of theaters, but the number of hotels, resorts and restaurants.


We actually just got back with the kids, there’s a new attraction called RunAway Mountain Coaster.  It’s a non traditional roller coaster where a pulley drags you up the mountain side, (It’s a beautiful tranquil eight minute ride up,) then  releases you within seconds of cresting. You immediately develop a new respect for gravity as you race down the mountain side.     Winding, looping, free falls, the only control you have is the braking by pushing down on the handles you are clinging to.   So much fun! 

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Do you like Trout and Fog

Some of the best trout fishing can be had at Lilley’s Landing just a three minute drive from the strip. The water stays so cold in the summer months the mornings not only offer the best trout fishing in the states but gives an added unique foggy environment not easily found.     Its just cool! 

The Landing offers Cabins for roughly $100 a night and expert advice on what the rainbows are hitting on at  the moment


If you prefer warmer waters Table Rock Lake is just minutes away. Great Bass and Cats are waiting to hit your line. There are also many high dollar resorts and campsites scattered around the shore. The dinner river boat cruses are also worth  consideration.

Silver Dollar City

We spoke of this earlier,  What a wonderful opposite of  the Disney concept. The staff is comprised of mostly local teenagers who are constantly interacting with the smaller youngsters with a fun, warm and personal approach.  -The spirit of the Lord is alive and well in Branson- The daily fee floats around $30 depending on the season. This is a must for vacationers with children.      I can’t say enough!

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Vegas touts, Bring The Kids, why would they say that?

You can bring them here, all of the shows are perfectly suited for everyone. Some of the shows are a bit cheesy yet some are amazing. The town for a bit picked up a reputation that it was for granddaddy and grandma, but from what we experianced it couldn’t be further from the truth. The Reza Magic show was first class, they intentionally bring the kids up onstage.     Stampede was loud, stinky and wonderful.

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Lets go Shopping

So many options, clothes, old fasion ice cream parlors, sporting goods, fragrances, novelty items, local art… One of our favorites was Dick’s 5 and Dime. This place was an ultimate throwback from the days of Mayberry fromThe Andy Griffith Show.  Just loved it!

When it comes to accommodations, there are so many choices . We hands down love The Clarion Palace Hotel centrally located on the strip.  If we were in Branson just for the trout fishing, Lilly’s Landing would be our first choice. The Clarion Palace has no hotel chain in fact it exudes the charmand warmth of the area.  And it’s pricing per night for what you get….  Amazing!

The pool is a safe gathering place to let the kids run wild.  They have a dry sauna, a beautiful indoor pool as well, a workout room and free breakfast.     All hovering around $100 a night.



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