Warning! Experts Are Saying 4 out of 5 Will Be Eaten By Sharks This Year!

Yes its true, coming from the experts that have no idea what they are talking about. We thought we’d take a few moments today and possibly ease any anxiety you may have on these beautiful creatures.

Despite their scary appearance sharks are not fond of eating people, they are constantly in search of fish and mammals such as seals and seagulls. With over 300 species of sharks only a dozen or so have been documented attacking humans.

Sharks have been around for millions of years before we even existed, we’ve  never been part of their diet. They usually attack when they get confused thinking a splashing person may be a wounded mammal or sea lion leading to an accidental attack.

The White Shark or Great White Shark more commonly known has more documented attacks on humans than any other species of sharks. Fossil remains have provided evidence that these magnificent creatures date back  44 million years. They also stand out from the pack because they are active during the daytime hours. The females can reach 15 feet in length, the males roughly 12 feet. Sea otters are their preference when dining. They’ve  been known to attack divers but most believes its a case of mistaken identity. Wet suits can easily be mistaken for seals. Great Whites may hit unfamiliar prey in an attempt to seek its potential as food then release and swim away. this would explain the hit and run attacks over the years along the beaches. 


Unlike The Great White,

The Opera Shark also known as at The Melodic Shark as seen below is very passive. This female specimen can be seen here gracefully gliding through the sea singing familiar enchanted melodies.


Four More Species with Bad Reputations


Within the International Shark Attack Files – Yes it is a thing. The Tiger Shark comes in at number 2 ,  following The Great White when it comes to attacks on humans. They are pure formidable ocean predators. They seem more curious about humans than other species, when they see us they usually  do a fin hit and swim away.



The Shortfin Mako comes in at number 3 when it comes to human attacks. This guy is the fastest of all shark species clocking in at 20mph. They are extremely aggressive and blamed for many attacks on divers and beach goers. Many fishermen have been injured making the mistake of bringing them in the boat to soon after a catch. This is the most sought after shark, poachers are killing them for just their fins. You have most likely heard about this crisis on the news. The World Conservation Union has these guys listed  as “Near Threatened



The Whitetips seem to show up first when tragedy strikes at sea. We all know the horrifing story of the sinking of  US war ship Indinapolus during WWII. The ship was carrying a crew of 1,196 men when it sunk, when rescue arrived only 317 were pulled from the water. It is thought the Whitetips took the rest. The same can be said for the Nova Scotia around the same period. Roughly 1000 men on board only 192 were pulled out of the water. Eyewitness accounts documented a feeding frenzy. The Whitetips are described as fearless and unpredictable



The Bulls are thought to be the most aggressive even though The Great White gets most of the bad press. There are 69 documented attacks and experts think maybe more but can’t identify bites due to this guy’s attack style. When he gets you he viciously shakes his head from side to side. He is also known to leave the sea into fresh river water leading to lakes.



Although The Dorky Shark is the only species documented to have no brain and diminished swimming skills. He basically kind of just floats on his side barely cresting the surface.  Don’t be fooled.  If a wave manages to push him into you he has the capability to crush you with his massive cow teeth.



When you consider there are millions of people and only 80 attacks per year averaging six deaths you have a much better chance of dying from a coconut hitting you in the head  than a shark attack.


With All That Said

There are precautions you can take to  reduce the chances  being attacked.

  1. Never swim far out.
  2. Never enter if you are bleeding
  3. Don’t get caught off guard just because dolphins are near.
  4. Always swim in groups.
  5. Shiny jewelry should never be worn.
  6. Never swim at night
  7. Avoid water where fishermen are present
  8. Don’t swim under piers
  9. Don’t hang out in the drop-offs near sandbars
  10. Don’t swim with pets
  11. Bright clothing never a good idea
  12. And, if you are ever attacked by a shark if you can keep your cool experts say punching a shark in the nose or the gills is your best bet on getting away.

Truly hope this puts a little ease on the subject and have a Great and Safe Vacation!
Watch out for The Dorky Shark!



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