So you worked out from January through June, you are an absolute hottie  to everyone you know. Feels good! Of course it does. The act of dedication is actually sexier than the person that you have become, but no one mentions this because they don’t understand what it took to achieve this goal. Congratulations!  You have more energy and an endless supply of self confidence, you feel like anything is possible. Being fit is the secret to enjoying life to its’s fullest. Let maintain this lifestyle wherever we go.

Well thats the plan.

Like wedding receptions, office parties or any group celebrations seem for some some reason provide a license excess drinking or eating. The same can be said for vacationing when it comes to all the hi calorie food and those delicious fruity drinks.

 So hard to resist and a lot of the time it seems like the healthy options can be limited. We find this especially true on  Cruise Ships and All Inclusive Resorts. With the all inclusive food options available ship wide or on property you may find yourself nibbling all day courtesy of those burger & french fry stations and snack areas spread throughout the ships or resorts not to mention the monster buffets provided three times daily. Then add the sugary drinks, cocktails and beer. It doesn’t take long to wipe out all the hard work you put forth in the gym earlier in the year. 

Picking a hotel that has a fridge in your room will make it easier for you to stock up on healthy snacks No fridge? You can still load up on non-perishables like granola bars, beef jerky, popcorn, and nuts. Just as important as getting a room with a fridge, view and great pool outside  is choosing a hotel that has a gym. 

Here are some drinks options you may want to consider that most every well set up bar can easily make for you. They are delicious and 1/4 the calorie count as your traditional summer drinks

Use your imagination there are thousands of combinations if just use the right ingredients and fresh juice choices.

The biggest mistakes people make at all-inclusive resorts and cruises are eating more, eating multiple helpings, and eating dessert at every meal, because it’s free but more often it’s there. If you want to make sure you can still fit into your skinny jeans of bikini by the end of the week, stick to three main meals a day, and incorporate a couple healthy snacks in between meals—, Pina Colada don’t count.


Instead of the high calorie, fatty choices offered for lunch and dinner perhaps you may want consider options like grilled or baked salmon, steamed crab legs or shrimp, (skip the butter-use lemon or lime) or roasted chicken. Cut down on portions by using smaller plates and load up on steamed vegetables. Also consider fresh fruit for dessert and possibly breakfast.

Theres nothing wrong with indulging on the sinful delicious foods, desserts and fruity frozen drinks. After all its vacation time,  just a little awareness can make you a much healthier happier camper.


Laugh a little!

A young couple were on their honeymoon . . .

. . . and were staying at a hotel with a large swimming pool. They decided to go for a swim, and the bride donned a new bikini that she had recently purchased. As she swam and splashed around in the pool, she soon discovered that the bikini was to large, and the top and bottom kept coming off. As they were the only ones in the pool, she and her husband would laugh and playfully retrieve the bikini from the pool’s bottom.

That evening they dressed for dinner and headed to their hotel’s elegant restaurant, where they were seated next to a huge aquarium. Strangely, the aquarium was devoid of any aquatic life.

When the bride asked their waiter why the aquarium had no fish in it, he smiled broadly and said, “That’s not an aquarium…that’s the swimming pool!”




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